Typical Carnival sweets and desserts for children

Typical Carnival sweets and desserts for children

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Costumes, floats, parades, comparsas, murgas, dance, music, joy and color. Carnivals arrive and everyone takes to the streets to celebrate the most joyous party of the year. But Carnival is not only the most fun time for the whole family, it is also the sweetest.

Both children and adults can dress up in a costume and celebrate this joyous party by tasting the most typical carnival sweets. Spanish culture is rich for its gastronomy. Dishes and desserts accompany family reunions, parties and carnival celebrations.

Between costumes, floats and parades, the carnival sweets are making a hole to sweeten the taste of the whole family. It is impossible to resist the charm and the Carnival festivity, but much less its tasty sweets, a real temptation for the palate of the little ones.

In Spain, Cadiz Carnival It is not only characteristic for the irony and sense of humor that surrounds the Cádiz chirigotas, but it is also very popular for its gastronomy.

During this time, the little ones will be able to taste the traditional Olvera Carnival cakes, while enjoying the children's chirigotas and the children's Carnival. They are made from sesame, a seed very rich in oil. Children love the flavor of anise, almond, cinnamon, and sugar.

The carnivals and in Tenerife (Canary Islands) dress up in costumes and spectacular costumes to dance to the beat of tropical rhythms. The murgas and the comparsas mark the funniest part of the Tenerife Carnival, while the carnival tortillas sweeten the traditional celebration that takes place during this time on the island.

The North of Spain also celebrates carnival by making artisan sweets, such as Casadielles, a typical dessert from Asturias. They are a kind of dumplings made with puff pastry and stuffed with almonds. Fried milk is also very popular in Spanish pastries during this time. Its milk and cinnamon flavor is simply irresistible.

In Galicia, the little ones will be able to savor the traditional filloas and Carnival ears. The pancakes can be eaten sweet or salty. They are similar to the famous crepes of France. It is one of the favorite desserts for the little ones during this time and especially, when they are accompanied by chocolate.

However, the Carnival sweet that children like the most are the fried flowers. Its flower shape is the key to its triumph among the little ones and its flavor of milk, sugar and anise, a guaranteed success among the palates of the little ones in the house.

In Italy, the Venice's Carnival It is unique for its tradition and the intensity with which the ten days of the celebration are enjoyed. A party, in which the Italian city is involved in a magical show of puppet theater, medieval costumes and beautiful masks.

Children are the big stars of this party, and sweet lovers too. The most characteristic element of this carnival are the masks, however, the confectionery also sets the tone for this celebration.

Go to the Venice carnival without trying the traditional frittelle it is an irresistible sin for the palate. They are also known as Castagnole, due to their shape resembling that of a chestnut.

They are like the classic buñuelos, very typical in many countries during Carnival. A fluffy and sweet dough, which admits any filling and is a delicacy for those with a sweet tooth.

In Germany, the low temperatures of the Cologne Carnival mark the beginning of the fifth season of the year. A festive season in which the Berliner Pfannkuchen becomes the sweet protagonist.

It is like a donut without a hole, which is filled with different creams and dusted with icing sugar. The favorite of children is the chocolate filling, although there is also a cream, strawberry and apricot filling, among others.

Carnival is synonymous with Rio de Janeiro. It is the most spectacular in the world. The Brazilians take to the streets going through the city to the rhythm of samba until they reach the Sambadrome.

Between parade and parade, the children will be able to open bites by tasting a delicious Brigadeiro, a typical Brazilian sweet made from chocolate, which will delight the little ones.

In Colombia, children become the real protagonists in the Barranquilla Carnival. They can be part of the parades, floats, choose the king and queen and even participate in the battle of flowers that the city hosts every year.

In addition to delving into the history and tradition of carnival, children will be able to savor a delicious enyucado, a traditional Colombian dessert, made from yucca and coconut. And since no one is bitter about a sweet, once the costume is chosen, all that remains is to enjoy the delicious Carnival sweets between parade and parade.

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