Cobra yoga exercise. Yoga asanas for kids

Cobra yoga exercise. Yoga asanas for kids

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The Bhujangasana or Cobra asana is one of the most complete yoga postures. It has tons of physical and psychological benefits, and it's so easy it's great for kids.

We explain how to do, step by step, the Cobra yoga exercise, a posture that concentrates all its benefits on the spine, rib cage and nervous system.

Pay a lot of attention to do the yoga exercise of La Cobra or Bhujangasana correctly. This way you will make the most of its benefits. Follow this step by step to do this asana with your child:

1. Lie face down on the mat or mat. You should rest your forearms on the mat. The hands should be supported with the palms facing down at the level of the shoulders. The forehead should also touch the mat.

2. Perform three stretches for each of the legs. You should fully straighten your leg (you cannot bend your knee) and bring it up. Do this exercise three times on each leg. You will notice that this exercise causes the hip bone to move.

3. Now raise your arms slightly. The hands should be between the shoulders and the chest. Elbows, back. Put your back and head back as far as you can and take deep breaths in this position. Bring your back and neck as far as you can, without forcing too much. You shouldn't feel pressure in your lower back. Try to hold in this pose for 15 to 30 seconds. You can also go up and down several times in this pose, inhaling and exhaling through your nose.

4. To get out of the Cobra pose, rest your toes on the mat or mat and bring your body weight back with the help of your arms. Sit on your feet.

The Bhujangasana exercise or pose has many benefits for adults and children. Among them, we highlight all these:

1. Strengthen your spine. This pose is great for strengthening and stretching your spine. By stretching your back, you are stretching muscles and bones in your spine. You can use it to relieve and prevent back pain.

2. Improves lung capacity. In turn, by stretching the spine, you open the rib cage and improve lung capacity. It's great for kids with breathing problems and of course kids with asthma.

3. They help intestinal transit. Exercise also affects the abdominal organs and improves intestinal transit. It is a good exercise for children with constipation problems and stomach problems.

4. They reduce stress and fatigue. On a psychological and cognitive level, this yoga exercise (like all the others), have a direct impact on the nervous system. Reduce stress and anxiety. And also fatigue!

5. Reduces low back pain and sciatica. By stretching your spine, you will improve your posture, and directly reduce lower back pain.

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