Japanese names for girls

Japanese names for girls

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Before the baby's arrival, parents are faced with a difficult decision. There is not always agreement when it comes to naming the baby. While some prefer traditional names well known to all, others prefer a more original and different name. We have names for all tastes.

If you already know that the baby you are expecting is a girl and you like original names, you can choose a Japanese name for your girl. Names of Japanese origin are little-used names but they are liked for their beautiful and eloquent meanings. Many Japanese girl names refer to concepts full of beauty, others evoke the seasons of the year or even mention characteristics of the moon.

In recent years, couples are choosing to choose different names, with a special meaning for their babies. If you are having a girl, check out this list of the best known Japanese names. This will make it easier for you to choose a special and unique name for your treasure.

1. Aiko
This name carries a very tender meaning: 'dear daughter'. It is typical of a girl who makes herself loved, loved and respected.

2. Akira
It is a very popular name that can be used for both girls and boys. It means 'bright', 'smart', 'the one with light'.

3. Chieko or Chika
Name for girl with a unique meaning. It is said of a girl 'wise', 'intelligent', 'with grace' and of 'great cultural background'.

4. Dai
A delicate and strong name at the same time. It means 'great', 'great'. Describes a powerful, strong, ambitious woman.

5. Eri
Short name, with good and easy pronunciation that means 'blessed prize', 'welcome gift'.

6. Fuji
It is a very used and well-known name. It is a plant of Chinese origin that produces mauve or bluish scented flowers. It means 'wisteria', the name of the flower.

7. Gen
Short and very simple name that means one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan: 'spring', 'the one who makes rebirth', 'the rebirth of things'.

8. Gina
A popular name that literally means 'silver'.

9. Haruka
In this case the name means 'spring flower', 'far',and we love it because there are few names as feminine as this one. If your baby girl is to be born in the spring, Haruka may be the ideal name.

10. Hiriko or Hiroko
One of the funniest and most popular Japanese names. It means 'generous', 'the one who is good', 'great', 'generous daughter'.

11. Jin
One of the peculiarities of Japanese names is simplicity. This short name has a great meaning. It means 'sweet girl', 'tender girl', 'loving woman'.

12. Jun
Very simple name that means 'woman of good work', 'obedient woman', 'respectful woman'.

13. Kaori
One of the sweetest Japanese names is this which means 'aroma', 'fragrance'. It is a simple and fresh name that is perfect to reinforce your girl's personality.

14. Katsumi
If you want your girl to be a beautiful and triumphant woman, this name would come in handy because it means' victorious beauty ','beautiful with triumph'.

15. Keiko
This looks like a name out of a Japanese movie, right? It has a nice pronunciation and is very attractive. It means 'cheerful, funny, happy and smiling woman'

16. Kiko
If you are looking for a cute, beautiful and fun name for your girl, this name is ideal. Sounds great, doesn't it? It simply means 'hope'.

17. Kyoto
You have surely heard this name many times since it is the name of a very famous and very important city in Japan. It means 'mirror'. In Spanish it translates to 'capital city'

18. Mai
Short Japanese name for a girl that has double meaning: 'shine' or 'shimmering' and 'flower or beauty'

19. Masako
Very popular Japanese name meaning 'royal daughter', 'true daughter '.

20. Michiko
If you put this name to your girl, it will sound a little strange in Spanish. It would sound something like 'my boy' and could create controversy. In any case, it is a name widely used in Japan and it means the opposite: 'girl who is on the right path', 'woman who takes the right path'

21. Mizuki
The name means 'beautiful as the moon' and we love it for a girl because it is full of delicacy and musicality. Like all Japanese names, its meaning is very eloquent and evokes a certain mysterious air.

22. Mitzuki
Much like the previous one, this name means 'Moonlight'. It will be perfect to highlight the charm of your girl because it is an enigmatic and very seductive name.

23. Naoko
One of the Japanese names that is spreading the most is this which means 'obedient girl'. If you expect your little girl to be calm and polite, Naoko will fit her personality perfectly.

24. Natsu
Many Japanese names refer to the seasons of the year. If your girl is going to be born in the summer, this name means 'summer' is the one you are looking for for her.

25. Oyuki. With a different and original musicality like few others, this name that means 'snow queen' it is ideal if your baby girl is to be born in one of the cold winter months.

26. Laughter
Although this name means 'laugh' in Spanish, in Japanese it is not understood by the same. Japanese female name meaning 'they grow flowers in the home'

27. Sachi
Japanese name for girl that means 'blessed woman', 'lucky woman'

28. Sakura. This name that means 'Cherry Blossom' It is one of the most fashionable Japanese names for girls. We like it for its meaning and because it also sounds forceful and with character.

29. Shika
A name that in Spanish would sound something like 'girl' but which has a very different meaning: 'deer with a good heart'

30. Yoko. It is the best known among Japanese names because it is worn by a famous person, the mythical Yoko Ono. We like it because it has one of the most beautiful meanings, 'daughter of the ocean'.

31. Yumiko. This name that means 'archer girl' it is ideal for a girl with character and personality. We like its meaning because it gives off strength and vitality and we like how it sounds because it is so original.

The Japanese take the task of choosing the name for the baby very seriously and responsibly. Therefore, Japanese names have a much deeper and more special meaning than the others. They usually choose a name that the family likes but also that follows some criteria. To choose the name of the baby, Japanese families ask themselves:

  • What qualities do you want your baby to have? How they want me to grow
  • In what year, in what month and in what season of the year will you be born
  • What emotions has the mother experienced during pregnancy
  • A name that is mentioned in a poem or traditional poetry
  • A name that means something beautiful in nature (animal, flower, land, mountain, sea ...)
  • What famous or respectable person parents admire
  • A name with moral values
  • Does the name have rhythm, harmony, does it sound good?
  • Is the name easy to pronounce?
  • If the baby has siblings, their name should match or match theirs to maintain harmony

In Japan, the birth certificate is processed in the first 14 days after delivery. In addition, there is a custom that was established in the years 794 to 1185, to perform a ceremony (Oshichiya) to choose the baby's name. They usually do it on the night of the seventh day of the baby's birth.

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