The importance of eating as a family for the child

The importance of eating as a family for the child

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Food is, in our culture, not only the medium we use to feed ourselves, but also the center of social events, a means by which to express feelings, not to mention its high social connotations.

That is why the child, from an early age, is not only important to eat nutritious and healthy meals, but alsoEating as a family for the child is important even greater because it also benefits your present and future nutritional habits in many ways.

- Food prepared at home is traditionally more nutritious.

- Children who eat regularly as a family tend to eat healthier, including more fruits, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates in your diet, and avoiding sweets and salty snacks between meals.

- As the children grow older, food is an opportunity to reconnect as a family, to share daily activities and maintain close communication ties between parents and children.

- The communication that achieves the moment of family meal it is vital especially in adolescence. It has been observed that adolescents who eat and have eaten regularly as a family tend to avoid alcohol, tobacco and drugs and to follow a healthier diet as they reach adulthood.

Taking time to prepare a nutritious meal and eating it as a family can be complicated, especially with work and school hours, as well as extracurricular activities for the little ones, however, it is something that we must try for the benefit of our children.

- Plan ahead It is the most useful when it comes to family meals. Developing a shopping list, even a menu calendar, and having basic ingredients always at hand, can be of great help due to the limited time that adults have.

- It is also necessary be open to setbacks and modificationsThat is, eat dinner a little later if dad hasn't come home from work, or eat a little earlier to accompany the older brother to the soccer game.

- Use the weekends to spend time in the kitchen, as a family. Although it seems strange and boring, it is not! Allowing the child to help wash the vegetables or even make the balls that will later become meatballs, teaching them how to do things and where the food comes from, makes food fun and, for them, interesting.

- But above all, the most important thing about eating as a family is the example. Children, and the younger still, feel a special admiration for everything that parents do, so if they see us eat something, their attitude towards that food will be positive.

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