When the baby is ready to eat solids

When the baby is ready to eat solids

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Many parents wonder how they realize that their baby can start solid foods now. Apart from what the pediatrician recommends in the baby's check-ups, there are very clear signals that the little ones express and that "communicate" to us that they are ready to start this new stage in their feeding. At how old did your baby start solid foods?

If you "listen" to your baby, he will tell you when he needs a change in his diet. Of course, what your pediatrician advises is law, especially since we cannot forget that each baby is unique and has its own time. My daughter, from a very young age, was always very communicative. I learned a lot just by watching her. So the transition from a liquid diet or breastfeeding to purees and spoons was not that difficult for us. Now, yes, you have to have a lot of patience and persistence until our little ones adapt to the new way of eating.

It is important to change the food little by little not only so that the baby adapts well to the new flavors and textures, but also because it allows us to observe and identify possible allergies or intolerances to some food. But, as I said before, babies show signs that they are ready to take solid foods:

- The first thing I have observed in my daughter is that by 4, 5 and 6 months, she had more appetite, although she gave her several bottle feedings a day. It's like he's asking me for something new.

- Another sign was his curiosity about what we ate at the table. She extended her little hand trying to grab the fork or spoon that I was taking from the plate to my mouth. Sometimes his mouth would open wide as if he were swallowing the whole table.

Apart from these signals, for your baby to take the first spoonfuls, it is necessary that he has control of his head, that he remains firm and upright in a chair and that both the development of his mouth and his tongue are synchronized with that of your digestive system. The baby will be ready to chew food.

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