Huero egg or anembryonic pregnancy. When the pregnancy is unsuccessful

Huero egg or anembryonic pregnancy. When the pregnancy is unsuccessful

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The hollow egg, also known as anembryonic pregnancy, occurs when the baby does not develop although the gestational sac does. The embryo stops its formation early without developing or does not even start its formation process directly. Know what is the hollow egg in pregnancy or failed gestation.

Although the embryo does not prosper, fertilization does occur and hormonal levels are altered with it, giving rise to pregnancy symptoms such as the absence of menstruation, nausea or breast sensitivity.

The cells of the gestational sac cause us to even take a urine pregnancy test and the result is positive even though there is no baby.

As there is no fetus or the possibility of it developing, abortion is inevitable in the event of an anembryonic pregnancy. This interruption of pregnancy can be carried out naturally, which is what occurs more frequently, and may even go unnoticed if it coincides with the dates of menstruation. If the interruption does not occur spontaneously, it would be necessary to schedule a uterine curettage.

According to the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, the hollow egg is the cause of four out of ten premature abortions.

According to experts, in most cases the hollow egg is produced due to some chromosomal or genetic alteration that occurs at the time of fertilization, either in the ovum or in the sperm that fertilizes it.

Smoking and the age of the future mother increase the risk of suffering from these chromosomal alterations.

But, How do you detect an empty egg? Anembryonic pregnancy is confirmed by a transvaginal ultrasound from the sixth week of pregnancy. It is through this test that the specialist assesses whether or not there is an embryo within the gestational sac.

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