The turtle that did not know how to wait. Stories for children with autism

The turtle that did not know how to wait. Stories for children with autism

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Children with autism often have a hard time know how to wait in front of situations that are very motivating for them or simply that are within their routine.

Going to the bathroom, going to eat, waiting for the bus… any task can become an odyssey when it comes to waiting. Therefore, today I bring you a story that deals with on the strategies most used and its benefits to work waiting in children with autism. Some of them will also help you to work with other ages, whether or not they have a disability; since, after all, we all have a hard time waiting.

This story is geared especially for explain to the children in the classroom, at home or in other settings, whether you are a mother or a teacher, that some classmates with autism find it difficult to wait.

At the end of the story you will find some simple questions to ask the children and thus work the waits in children with autism.

The turtle that I didn't know how to wait he always had everyone running. Whoa, zaaas - he did the turtle at full speed as he passed over things.

One day when she seemed calmer, mother turtle told her that they would go to the doctor to tell them what was happening, the situation was untenable!

In reality, it was becoming so untenable that while waiting in the hospital for its turn to arrive, the turtle who did not know how to wait, cried so much that the crickets fell silent, he screamed so much that the fireflies got scared and stopped glowing, and he kicked so hard on the ground that even the rhinoceros stuck its head underground like an ostrich.

- Oh my god, mother turtle! - said Mr. Dr. Hamster - I don't think you have realized it but you don't have just any turtle for your daughter. You have a lepus granatensis turtle.

- A lepus granatensis turtle? - The mother said as if she were going to lose her mind - There is my mother, my poor daughter! What will become of her?

- Don't worry, mother turtle! - said the doctor as he gnawed a few peanuts and threw them to the cheeks in a single impulse - Nothing happens to your daughter, only that being a lepus granatensis turtle or more commonly known as hare tortoise, will not know how to wait. What happens to her daughter is that she simply he does not know how to wait.

- Do not tell me! What a scare she gave me, I thought she was sick!

The doctor explained to mother turtle that her daughter I was not sick; He told her that she simply had to find a way for her daughter to know how to behave at all times and to have a little more patience. It was then that he prescribed the following formula that mother turtle prepared with great enthusiasm and effort every day.

- What formula do you think it is?

- How do you think this story would end?

- What do you think is the difference between being sick and needing help?

Once you have debated with your son (or with yourself) the possible end of the story taking as a starting point the previous questions, you can go on to read Dr. Hamster's recipe.

Doctor Hamster's Recipe

1- Be patient, explains things in a simple way, with few words and supporting you with gestures and drawings and / or pictograms. People with autism will appreciate it since by adapting the content at a visual level we make sure that they are able to understand it.

2- Explain of simple way how long he will have to wait (if you know the hours you can do it with a watch, or by telling him)

3- If it is not possible for you to anticipate how long he will have to wait, you can bring a couple of toys, books or objects that are of interest to him and that will help him feel relaxed (For example, waiting for a medical consultation is a great idea).

4- Work through sound stimuli. Set an alarm and tell him 'when the alarm sounds' it's just waiting; then we will….

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