Perico wants to be a real page. Children's tale about illusion

Perico wants to be a real page. Children's tale about illusion

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What is your son's greatest illusion? Childish illusions light your gaze, put a smile on your face and are also contagious. Whether they have a workable or unrealizable illusion, why not live it out with them?

We invite you to read this wonderful children's story about the illusion of a child. Our protagonist, Perico, wanted to be the page of the Magi and to achieve it, he had to pass a test. Will your illusion to achieve it lead you to achieve it?

Far from home, in America, Perico was leaving the hospital very happy when he was discharged. He had been admitted there all Christmas and had had a lot of time to think. Now he was much more animated and he was smiling happily when he found himself in the street again. He knew that at his home in Spain he would find the toys that the Kings had left him and he was happy.

They were walking along the beach in Miami a few days before the return and, suddenly, Perico confessed to his parents, catching them by surprise.

- I want to be a real page!

- Do you want to be a real page? - Monica repeated with amusement to her ten-year-old son.

"Yes," Perico insisted. When I grow up I want to be a royal page. I want to collect all the letters that the children write to the Kings. I would like to travel to the East, ride a camel, and distribute toys and gifts all over the world.

As the Kings are magi, they listened to Perico's wishes and quickly sent a letter to his home in Spain so that he could find it upon arrival.

Upon entering his room and seeing the letter, Perico screamed and screamed in disbelief:

- The Kings have written to me! The Kings have written to me! - and ran with the letter in hand down the hall from here to there.

Finally he nervously opened the envelope and, inside, was another small sealed in red ink and a letter addressed to him.

He read aloud:

Dear Perico:

We are very happy that you want to be part of our court but, to be one of this entourage you will have to pass a test. We leave you the topics that will be asked of you in the opposition; They are simple, you will surely overcome it. We know that you are a smart and diligent child.

The letter was signed with a nice royal seal.

The three wise men

Melchor, Gaspar, Baltasar

Perico's eyes were sparkling when he opened the small envelope.

Inside was a sheet on which it said:

Opposition agenda for royal page

1. Learn children's games and know how to love them.

2. Always have a good humor and general culture (if you want to be a good page, it is not a trivial thing).

3. Sympathy and empathy can never be lacking.

4. Know how to find the North, have good orientation (to travel the world is an essential condition).

5. To ride very well on camel, donkey and dromedary.

6. To read the letters, know the alphabet.

7. Know how to write very well, without spelling mistakes.

8. To know the world, also know geography.

* In case of not exceeding point 1 of the agenda the opposition will not be considered passed.

Perico read and reread happily and suddenly shouted making his parents laugh again:

- Just riding a donkey can be more complicated, the rest is sucked!

When trying to help our children with reading comprehension, it is necessary that, in addition to knowing the words, they have a good understanding of what the text means. To help them, ask them these questions about this story:

- What illusion did Perico have?

- What did you do to reach her?

- You think he got it?

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