The fabulous joke of a child that makes even the most serious laugh

The fabulous joke of a child that makes even the most serious laugh

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How boring would life be without humor, right? And yes, it is true, it costs much less to make someone cry than to make them laugh. But children are unique to make us smile. They are often like balm in the middle of a dull gray day.

Hasn't it ever happened to you that, in the midst of a whirlwind of worries, your son arrives, blurts out a phrase and makes you laugh? Children are unique even when telling jokes. We have the proof: the joke of a child that makes even the most serious laugh. Do you want to test yourself?

It's a simple joke. And very short. Surely it is not the same if we hear it from an adult. Nor if we read it:

- 'When you feel sad, disappointed, hug a shoe. Yes, a shoe. A shoe with a sole. '

The word game is a resource that children usually find very funny. But what about the elderly? Certainly, too. Or were you able to not even a slight smile after hearing this little boy's joke?

Remember that laughter is therapeutic, an antidote to dispel sadness and worry, and a vehicle for positvism. Life is as it is, but what you decide to do with it will change completely depending on the prism from which you observe it. A pessimist will decide to accept it as it came. An optimist will be confident that he can change it.

Even the most intelligent geniuses have always defended the importance of approaching life with a dash of humor. Perhaps it is because reality is sad enough to be embraced at every moment by it. That is why humor, yes, is an important value in the education of children. You know why?

1. It favors learning. The best means of learning for a child is play, because while playing he has fun and is happy. The sense of humor brings happiness, and happiness makes the child excited. And you already know that illusion is the engine of learning.

2. Promotes positive thinking. A sense of humor increases happiness. And of course, it exercises positive thinking, a very necessary thought for the child to be able to understand that the objectives can be achieved, that he can achieve everything that is proposed with effort, perseverance and self-confidence.

3. Improves self-esteem. A sense of humor enhances a child's self-confidence. He laughs and is capable of making others laugh ... The child feels valued, especially when he shows that great ability to increase the happiness of others.

4. Release tensions. There is no reason for 'laughter therapy', workshops where laughter is a vehicle for releasing stress and tension. In addition, it will help the child to give less importance to certain details and to overcome situations that can create sadness or anger. Laughter relaxes. Have you ever tried it?

5. It favors the ability to adapt to changes. A positive mind is a mind open to change, capable of turning adversities around. You will get your child to bet on solving a problem before collapsing or giving up. And of course, with humor, you will always bet on adapting to changes before giving up.

6. It will help you select the best. Staying with the good in each situation and rejecting the negative is a good strategy to be happier, don't you think?

7. Improve communication and promote social skills. The sense of humor favors values ​​such as empathy, generosity and kindness. This provides a series of social skills that will make it easier for the child to interact with others.

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