The best long dictations for kids

The best long dictations for kids

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Dictations are the best way to eliminate spelling mistakes. It is also important that your child also reads a lot, since reading makes the child assimilate certain spelling rules much faster.

Since our site We bet on dictations as a learning tool for children, and that is why we have selected 3 long dictations for your child to practice their spelling. Here are the best long dictations for kids. To practice!

In a long dictation you can find numerous spelling rules and test your child. Help him practice his writing and get rid of some of the most common childhood spelling mistakes. With these long dictations, inspired by the texts of famous writers and poets, your child will practice writing words with 'b', 'v', 'h', while practicing the spelling rules of accentuation. Shall we start?

1. First long dictation:

'Platero is small, hairy, soft; so soft on the outside, that one would say all cotton, that does not have bones. Only the mirrors of

The jet of his eyes are hard like two black glass beetles.

He let it loose and goes to the meadow, and warmly caresses with his snout, barely touching them, the pink, blue and yellow flowers ...

I call him sweetly: "Silversmith?"

Eat as much as I give you. He likes mandarin oranges, muscat grapes, all amber, purple figs, with their

crystalline honey droplet ...

He is tender and cuddly like a boy, a girl ...; but strong and dry inside, like stone. When I step over it

On Sundays, in the last alleys of the town, the men of the country, dressed in clean clothes and slowly, stare at him:

—Tien ’asero… It has steel. Acero y plata de luna, at the same time '(' Platero y yo'- Juan Ramón Jiménez).

2. Second long dictation:

'Look at your grace - answered Sancho - that those who look alike there are not giants, but windmills, and what in them seem like arms are the blades, which, turned from the wind, make the millstone move.

"It seems well," answered Don Quixote, "that you are not trained in this adventure: they are giants; and if you are afraid, get out of there, and pray in the space that I am going to enter with them in fierce and unequal battle.

And, saying this, he spurred his horse Rocinante, ignoring the voices that his squire Sancho gave him, warning him that without a doubt they were windmills, and not giants, those that he was going to attack. But he was so determined that they were giants that he did not hear the voices of his squire Sancho, nor did he notice, although he was already very close, what they were, before he was saying in loud voices:

- Non fuyades, cowards and vile creatures, that a single gentleman is the one who attacks you '(' Don Quixote de la Mancha'- Miguel de Cervantes).

3. Third long dictation:

'I need time, I need that time that others leave behind because they have too much or they no longer know what to do with it. Time in white, in red, in green, even in dark brown.

I don't care about the color, candid time that I can't open and close like a door. Time to look at a tree, a lantern, to walk along the edge of rest, to think how good today is winter, to die a little and be born right away and to realize it and to wind up.

I need time, just enough time to dabble in life for a few hours and to investigate why I am sad and to get used to my old skeleton. Time to hide in the crowing of a rooster and to reappear in a neigh and to be up to date, to be at night.

Time without modesty and without a watch. That is to say, precise or I need, let's say I need time without time ('Time without time- Mario Benedetti).

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