The rooster Claudio. Children's story with rhyme

The rooster Claudio. Children's story with rhyme

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We suggest that you read this children's story with rhyme aloud to your children, it is the story of Claudio, a rooster who not only crowed at dawn, but took advantage of any occasion to launch his famous "quiquiriquí".

A fun story for children in verse that will help you promote a taste for reading in your children and the pleasure of read new and different stories every day.

Once upon a time there was a crowing rooster, which one morning woke up without a voice. In the corral everyone worried spoke of the evil that afflicted the rooster:

- If the rooster does not crow, he will have a lump in his throat.

- Surely when eating sardines, some thorn has been swallowed.

—- Has he fallen in love with a chicken?

The fact is that Gallo Claudio, was called like that, without singing quiquiriquí he wanted to leave there.

He prepared his house on the top of a pine from where he could see all the roads.

Before long, he sang again.

- Quiquiriquí - she sang at one - and listened to the moon with surprise.

In the middle of the afternoon at three o'clock, Gallo Claudio sang again:

- Quiquiriquí - and a farmer said:

- This rooster does not find out, he sings when nobody expects him.

And so he sang and sang, just because he liked it, and not just at dawn as everyone expected.

One day a girl said, touching her nose:

- Gallo Claudio is very happy.

They all went to listen, the girl was right, the rooster Claudio sang much better every day.

Then they all spoke:

- Sing back to the corral, - no matter the time, the moment, we want to hear you sing!

"Quiquiriquí," he happily sang, and Rooster Claudio returned.

So that your child can improve his reading comprehension, that is, learn to read by understanding what the text says, we suggest you ask these questions about this short story:

- What is the name of the protagonist of this story?

- What did the rooster Claudio like to do the most?

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