The concern of the new room. Children's story about fear

The concern of the new room. Children's story about fear

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Fear of the unknown is very common in people, but especially in children.

Break routines and get out of scope of comfort It can cause them anguish, so children must be taught that we should not be afraid if there is no real reason.

In the story 'The new room concern' something happens inside the old castle to which the Dukes of Castellmairo have moved, what is it? A story for what children lose their fear of the unknown.

There were many nerves. Tomorrow they came to the old castle the new Dukes of Castellmairo. The days before, maids, servants, and movers and helpers had had no rest. Furniture that arrived packed, boxes with the family's personal utensils, pictures, lamps, bookcases, tableware, bedding ... had been the main protagonists of those intense days.

At twelve o'clock at night the lights were turned off and there was silence. The job was done.

However, that was the moment in which the creaks began to be heard, the tremors and even the sobs of the furniture. The great curtain Dona Flora, who already knew the dukes of the summer residence, wanted to encourage her new roommates.

- What happen to you? Why are you so nervous? - He asked the rest of the furniture.

"I don't want to be beaten and ignored," Don Mariano answered the piano.

- And they jump on me? I'm old now and I don't want to be broken and end up broke feeding the fire in the fireplace, Dona Carmela, "explained Don Camilo from the sofa.

"I hope you don't rub your dirty boots on my velvety hair," the carpet Dona Persa whispered timidly.

- What if they're not careful and drop one of my little cups? - The teapot Dona Paca said between sobs.

- Calm Calm! exclaimed Dona Flora the curtain.

While the fear of the unknown stretched across the great hall, the curtain Dona Flora succeeded in silence by explaining that she already knew the Dukes of Castellmairo.

- They are good people. They have four little ones who love listening to their mother play the piano at night. And fear not, piano Don Mariano, the young duchess is a virtuoso for music. Nor have I ever seen the little ones jump from the armchairs and, of course, they never enter the living room if their shoes are stained after having walked through the gardens, Dona Flora clarified the curtain.

The curtain Dona Flora spent the night talking to them about the Dukes of Castellmairo to his new companions to take away their fear of the unknown and ask them to give the family a chance, because it is not good to put yourself at their worst and judge them without knowing them.

The hours passed and the mood in the room improved. At dawn all the furniture had a smile on and was prepared to make life more comfortable and pleasant for the Dukes of Castellmairo.

Find out if your child has understood the story and its teaching, answering these simple reading comprehension questions.

- Where were the Dukes of Castellmairo going to live?

- Why were the furniture afraid?

- Why do they get up so happy the next day?

- Do you think they had reason to be afraid?

- Are you afraid of something you don't know? why?

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