Find out what your baby's blood group will be

Find out what your baby's blood group will be

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The most common is that your children have the blood type of one of their parents, however, the genetics it is capricious, and although it responds to immovable laws, it can sometimes surprise us.

We explain how can you calculate your baby's blood group with a few simple rules.

The blood group is a classification of the blood that is made according to the characteristics that our Red blood cells. These blood groups can be: A, B and 0, and the combination between them.

Your baby will inherit the blood group of his parents, but it is not as simple as it seems, since it also influences the blood groups of previous generations, that is, the grandfather, the great-grandfather, the great-great-grandfather… also have a possibility of leaving their genetic mark on your child.

Each person inherits, to form our blood group, a gene from our father and another from our mother, so each of us has a blood group made up of two genesFor example, if you are group A, your genetic inheritance may be AA, or AO.

But within those two genes there is a dominant gene and another recessive, that is, one that prevails over the other. In the case of blood groups, group A and B are imposed on group 0, so if we use the previous example, someone who has a genetic combination of AO will be from group A, because the dominant gene is A.

Following this table you can find out the percentage What about your child being of one blood group or another, depending on the blood group of his parents.

You just have to look in the group on the right, which belongs to the blood group of the mother, and at the top, which belongs to the group of dad, and look for the confluence of the two, the result is expressed in percentages.

If you don't know what blood group you have, ask your parents what group they are, and you can find out what your two genetic components are.

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