Why the sport of our children should not be the leisure of parents

Nowadays it is very common to see boys and girls practicing all kinds of sports based on competition level: basketball, volleyball, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming, soccer, etc ... It is very comforting to see how sports practice and education are gaining space compared to other more sedentary leisure options. Obviously we have to thank the parents who invest a lot of time and effort in facilitating these experiences for their children.

However, if our leisure is focused on our child's competitive sport, we run the risk of putting too much pressure on the child.

We explain why the sport of our children It should not be the leisure of the parents.

In recent years, in addition to this regular sporting practice, competitions that take place outside of their city have proliferated. This type of coexistence They are positive for boys and girls, because apart from the sporting experience, it implies a coexistence of the group of people who make up the team.

This type of coexistence is very flattering transfer of values, and the improvement of behaviors.

Lately, I observe that these types of competitions and tournaments have been integrated into the family, and are key family calendar.

It is curious to observe how parents, as an important part for the integral maturational development of our son, have integrated these competitions as part of their holidays and personal leisure space

From my personal experience, I have been able to see championships or football tournaments to a group of parents with scarves, drums and even megaphones cheering for their children. When these attitudes are repeated in time during many Christmases, Easter, holidays or summer, they make the exceptional the usual. Parents fill their leisure space based on their children's sports spaces. Over the years, 90% of children end up leaving competitive sport for different reasons, and that day there is a emptiness in parental leisure very difficult to manage if it has not been remedied previously.

My conclusion on this fact is that the sport of our children should not be made our own, since it can end in an occupational vacuum. As a family, we must keep our interests, motivations, and goals separate from the interests, motivations, and goals of our children. Depending on age, it is also positive that go to these tournaments alone with the aim and objective of improving autonomy, learning to be a better person and companion, knowing how to behave in a different environment, living together, accept rules and regulations, which in the presence of the parents probably will not integrate.

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