Colored protagonists. Children's story about teamwork

Colored protagonists. Children's story about teamwork

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Working as a team is the main way to have a good harmony between peers. Discovering that each one has a different value that they can contribute, and that others recognize and respect them is one of the ways in which the child can gain self-esteem. Read this story to your children and discover with them the importance of working together.

Protagonists of coloreas tells the story of Juan, a little artist whose pencils fight for the limelight. A children's story about himcompanionship and teamwork.

Juan suspected that every time he closed his bedroom door, things and toys came to life. From time to time whispers and giggles could be heard. But what Juan did not know is that alsothere were fights.

What the little one liked the most was drawing and dreamed of being agreat artist. But sometimes his drawings didn't turn out the way he wanted. And it is that all the paintings wanted to be the protagonists individually and among them, to stand out, they tripped each other, making Juan's game more difficult. Tired, he decided to leave the room and abandon his study table. He left the door ajar and decided to listen behind it to find out what was going on.

The pen was the first to speak.

- All colored paints should respect my contours, since my black line is the one that commands and therefore the most important - he said.

- I should paint the most beautiful figures because I am Juan's favorite color - the blue paint shouted to be heard.

- You should all erase quickly and not resist when I pass over you - explained the eraser.

- Without me there would be no drawing and I do not like that you hurt me and smear me - the paper clarified.

It was then that Juan opened the door of the room to put order before some painting ended with a blow. Very calmly, he tried to give each object its place. He explained that the beauty of painting was teamwork. That each element is just as important as the rest. Without blue I couldn't paint clear skies. Without yellow your sun would not shine. Without the pencil I would not have a guide to follow. Without the eraser he would not be able to rectify since sometimes he was also wrong. Without the paper she would have to paint on the wall and her mother would be angry. They were all equally important to him and he needed all equally.

After these words, everyone understood that Juan was right, and that not only were everyone important, but also that when they were together they had a better time and everyone learned from everyone.

If you want to know if your child has understood the message of the text, ask these simple reading comprehension questions.

- Why were the pencils fighting?

- What did Juan want to be?

- What was the solution to end the fights?

- Why should everyone work as a team?

- Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?

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