Consequences of bullying

Consequences of bullying

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The bullying or bullying does not make social or gender distinctions. Despite the widespread belief that schools located in less favored areas are, by definition, more conflictive, the truth is that the bullying it is present in almost any social context.

Regarding sex, there are no differences either, at least with regard to the victims. On the other hand, in the profile of the aggressor there is a predominance of males.

We tell you what the consequences of bullying for children.

The consequences of bullying are many and profound. For the victim of bullying, the consequences are evident with an evident low self-esteem, passive attitudes, emotional disorders, psychosomatic problems, depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts. Also added to this list, the loss of interest in questions related to studies, which can trigger a situation of school failure, as well as the appearance of phobic disorders that are difficult to resolve.

Victims of bullying are often characterized by a constant disgruntled appearance, sad, depressed or distressed, because of frequent absenteeism and fear of classes, or poor performance in school. In the physical section, these victims tend to somatize their problem in their body, presenting difficulty in falling asleep, pains in the stomach, chest, head, nausea and vomiting, as well as constant crying. However, this does not mean that all children who present this picture are being bullied. Before diagnosing the problem, it is necessary to investigate and observe the child more.

Regarding the effects of bullying on their own aggressors, some studies indicate that the executors can be found in the prelude to criminal behavior. Also the rest of the spectators, the silent mass of colleagues who, in one way or another, feel intimidated by the violence they witness, feel affected, and can provoke a certain feeling that no effort is worthwhile in building positive relationships.

For the aggressor, the bullying makes it difficult for him to coexist with other children, makes him act in a authoritarian and violent, in many cases to become a criminal or criminal. Typically, the assailant behaves in an irritable, impulsive, and intolerant manner. They do not know how to lose, they need to impose themselves through power, force and threat, they get into arguments, they take material from their partner without their consent, and they constantly show an exaggerated authority.

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