Infallible tricks to get your baby used to sleeping alone

Infallible tricks to get your baby used to sleeping alone

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Sleep is a basic need of all babies and children. It affects your physical and mental development, your emotions, your learning, and your emotional well-being.

A well-rested baby or child will be more active, energetic, and in a good mood, which is why helping them get a good night's sleep is important. However, many babies have trouble sleeping on their own. They need help and some, that their parents constantly hold them in their arms. The question of many parents is: How do I get him to sleep on his own? Is there a method to achieve it? Although each baby is different, there are infallible tricks to get your baby used to sleeping alone. Try it!

It is very important that the little ones rest both during the day and at night the appropriate hours according to their age. In fact, sleep changes as the baby grows. It is not the same in a newborn as in a 12 month old baby.

- From 0 to 4 months: Babies, up to 4 months of age, do not have an established sleep pattern, their circadian rhythm has not started, and their sleep cycles are very short. The first months of life are waking up to avoid hypoglycemia and be on the alert for their caregivers.

- From 4 months: After this time things change: here their circadian rhythm begins to work, they begin to produce the hormones melatonin (responsible for relaxing them and preparing them to go to sleep) and cortisol (responsible for activating them in the morning) and their sleep cycles lengthen and they become like an adult's 90-120 minutes.

Babies who slept very well up to 4 months may start to wake up more with these changes. Babies who slept poorly may do worse. And Babies who slept poorly, surprisingly get better.

If you feel identified, you are in this situation and you have entered a circle of bad sleep that you do not know how to solve it, here are some tips:

1. Put your child to sleep early. Between 7pm and 8pm is the best time to put them to bed. Your body is more prepared at this time and melatonin production is at an all-time high. It will surely be easier for you to fall asleep quickly.

Surely you have heard phrases like this: "If I put him to bed late, he will last longer in the morning." This is nothing more than a false myth. The earlier you put him to bed, the better he will sleep.

2. Put him to bed every night in the same place. It is essential that you relate a place to bedtime. Regardless of whether it is a co-sleeping bed, a crib next to the parents' bed or a crib in another room. Do your best to always associate the same space with the dream.

3. Do a routine before going to sleep. The routine will prepare you mentally for going to sleep. Establish 3 steps each day, such as bath, dinner, and story before going to bed. This routine will help you know that it is time to go to bed.

4. And the most difficult ... put him to bed awake.This part is the most difficult. Your children resist sleeping, cry, stand up, kick.

It is important that your children use their own strategies to sleep and that they do it alone, in this way they will learn to sleep and connect one sleep phase with another throughout the night.

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