Why some children constantly draw the attention of their parents

Why some children constantly draw the attention of their parents

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It is normal that children when they are young, need our attention and complain frequently. They call on us to help them, to show us their achievements, to play with them ... Knowing that we are there helps them to develop and gain confidence in themselves. But, Why do some children attract the attention of their parents constantly?

When our child demands our attention, he usually does it because he needs us to approve what he is doing in one way or another. They show us their achievements, their jobs, their inventions, and it is important that we pay attention to them, since I show them that I care about them, that I trust them and give them security to grow and develop.

There are times in child development when children don't know how to wait and when they demand my attention, they need it now, without delay. In these moments it is important to know how to put the limit to children. If we always attend to them immediately, for everything and without delay, it is possible that at a given moment, the child does not attract my attention, but demands it.

Setting a limit is not ignoring children, it is teaching them how and in what way I am going to serve them. As we said before, there is a moment in the development of children, who do not understand "time", for them the moment is now, it is now. And if they have made a drawing and want to show it to me, they want me to see it now and it is at this very moment. It is important to care for the child, but just as important is teaching them to wait.

The problem of calls for attention comes when they are produced in an excessive way, and with "inappropriate" behaviors, (tantrums, anger, sleep problems, etc ...)

There are many reasons that can make a child attract attention:

- Major changes in your life, which sometimes entail emotional changes, such as a change of residence, entering school, a family breakdown, the arrival of a little brother ... If the reason is some change in the environment, (a change of residence, separation from parents, upon the arrival of a little brother), the insecurity that these changes can generate, make the child call our attention more. On these occasions the important thing is to pay attention not so much to the child's behaviors, but to the cause that originates them. Talk to them, let them tell us what concerns them, provide them with the explanations and information they demand from us with their "attention calls."

- Problems with a school child or a friend.

- Insecure or overly dependent children. Lack of self-confidence makes them constantly need adult supervision or approval.

- Need to be the sole center of attention:When the reason for attracting our attention is to cover a need to be the sole and exclusive center of our gazes, and our time, it is important to teach the child how and in what way we are going to attend to him and pay attention to him, to prevent them from "misbehaving "so that we are aware of him, (that is, to put limits on his behaviors). You have to teach them to wait, to know what behaviors I am going to attend to and which ones not, and show them that I pay attention and care, but without having to be on top of them.

It depends on how these calls for attention are produced, it will be necessary to act in one way or another. Depending on the origin, it will be necessary to act one way or another.

In general, the fact that children call our attention is normal in their development, but depending on how these calls for attention are produced, they can indicate that something is not going quite right, either due to inappropriate educational guidelines or an emotional problem in the child.

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