How is the relationship of the Capricorn mother with her Gemini child

How is the relationship of the Capricorn mother with her Gemini child

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The Capricorn mother needs all your patience to deal with her Gemini child, by nature talkative and lively.

It is a complementary relationship but complicated in which the signs will have to put a lot of their part if they want to get along.

We tell you how is the relationship between Capricorn mothers and Gemini children.

- Wise, sane, mothers who they try to reason it everything and those who find it difficult to understand new fashions and innovations.

- Patient and persistent in everything they propose; there is no problem that you do not face directly and with determination.

- They are dedicated mothers and who like to have their loved ones grouped together, which makes them frequently fall into overprotection.

- Demanding, they love to have everything in order, including your children's room.

- They are not very impulsive women, who think before acting, and who always seek security and tranquillity.

To the despair of their Capricorn mothers, their Gemini children are the opposite of them.

- They are children dominated by the air, and the planet Mercury, planet of intelligence and spirit, but totally chaotic.

- They are sensitive, lively, happy and optimistic children, with whom it is impossible to get bored.

- They are always exposed to the duality of their sign: the two Twins, whose mixture is a time bomb for anyone who is in its radius of action.

- They are good friends, and they love to be around people constantly, due to their fear of boredom.

- VerycuriousThey are always looking for new initiatives and possibilities, although sometimes with too demanding a vision, and little dose of reality.

Gemini children love to play outside, and move around non-stop, something the calm Capricorn mother deeply despairs of.

Without a doubt, this is a complicated relationship because of the difference between their characters. The Capricorn mother tries to bring her Gemini son down from the clouds, as the first clips the wings of imagination, and the second does not put his feet on the ground no matter how hard I try.

The charm that Gemini children give off envelops them in a halo of friendships and affection that confuses them, causing them to lose track of reality and seek goals too high and unrealistic.

They tend to argue, and they like to always be right, and this is something that the Capricorn mother cannot bear. However, the Capricorn mother knows how to appreciate that they are bright, witty children, fun, and with a great memory, even if they don't do very well in school.

It is better that as parents of a Gemini we do not admire him too much, and that he has a strict upbringing, or else his qualities will become defects.

Your ease of speech can become charlatanismBut the Capricorn mother, if she does it tactfully, can influence her son by making him really persevere and achieve his goals.

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