What is cyberbullying in children

What is cyberbullying in children

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Cyberbullying or cyberbullying is understood as the use and dissemination of information, real or fictitious, with the intention of causing harm or defamation through the Internet. Is about a type of harassment that takes place through digital media such as email, sms, chats, social networks or any other electronic platform for the dissemination of content.

The child victim of bullying often receives offensive messages with aggressive language or threats. You are also exposed to spreading rumors, gossip or false information of a cruel nature to damage your image. Sometimes they even steal your password on digital media to impersonate your identity and make you alienate with your friends.

We explain what the cyberbullying in children and how to know if my child suffers cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying affects people of any age and condition, including children, who are sometimes harassed and attacked through electronic media in the following ways:

- The minor receives insults, threats or is the object of mockery and gossip, sometimes false, from other minors.

- The child is bullied over time, in repeated situations, not as a specific event.

- Harassment, although it may have elements of a sexual nature, does not have a sexual purpose.

- The child and the bully are of similar ages, that is, other children attack and harass the minor through social networks or other digital media.

- The medium used to harass the child is technological: chats, email, social networks, etc.

- Cyberbullying usually goes hand in hand with a harassment action in real life, which has as an extension virtual harassment, however, the second case can also occur exclusively.

- This type of harassment through digital platforms makes many others witness the victim's humiliation, harassment and harassment. It is about humiliating the child in front of an audience.

- The stalker hides behind a nickname or the anonymity provided by the Internet.

Source: S.O.S. Guide Against Cyberbullying of the National Institute of Communication Technologies (INTECO)

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