25 things I wish my son would do when he grew up

25 things I wish my son would do when he grew up

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Every year as my son's birthday approaches, I start to think about the letter. The letter is, a card or letter that I write by hand, as a birthday gift and that I give it to him when he gets up on his day. He reads it silently, however, I feel his nerves and I see how his eyes are flooded with emotion, chen I convey to you, from the depths of my heart, my love through those words.

This year, as a novelty, I have written him the things that I would like him to do in his life… And I share them because, whether or not it is their birthday, it is very good that we do this exercise for when our children are adults. These are the 25 things I would like my son to do when he grows up.

1. Enjoy life, Whatever you do, whatever you have, whatever you feel. You can always enjoy it if you decide so, it's just a matter of proposing!

2. Be polite and kind, but also acknowledge your mistakes and apologize. With education we make a better world, it continues to be part of this educated society. You are an example to me.

3. Show your emotions: cry, laugh, get angry, scream, jump, enjoy and experience every emotion. All emotions show the best of us, in every moment.

4. Ask for help when needed. The brave thing is to know that if this time you have not been able to do it, in another you will be able, with which, ask for what you need to get to achieve your goal.

5. Value time with the elderly. Throughout your life, you have lived sad situations with people who left our side, sooner than we expected. Remember the words of your cousin Andrea: "If I had had one more minute with my father ..."

6. Learn to face fear. When you feel it, don't run away, face him. To do this, remember the changes of schools, the start of new activities, meeting new people in the camps, activities that you started for the first time ... none of this, you were never afraid, you have always known how to face situations safely, do not to do so.

7. Not always everything goes well, however, everything is learned. Be a good learner.

8. Don't get carried away by what your friends say. Each one must listen to his heart, to know if he is doing what he wants. LISTEN TO YOUR HEART.

9. You are 100% free. You were born free and you will always be free. Remember it and remind us.

10. Better than you, no one is going to love you. Better than you, no one is going to value you. Better than you, no one is going to take care of you (Food, sports, relationships, emotions ...). Your self esteem is yours take care of your inner language, talk to yourself with affection. And don't let them tell you that you can't do it or that you will be different if you do it ...

11. Get to know yourself as much as you can, now and always. This will be your eternal task, but the benefits will be so good, that you will consider it as a gift of life.

12. Say no, when you have to say it. You have always known how to be resounding in your decisions, that no one takes away that power, do not allow it.

13. Make your own decisions, do not be influenced, not even by family, much less by friends. Ask for advice, but the final decision is yours alone.

14. Listen to yourself and ask for what you need. Speak clearly because that way I will continue to know that you know how to listen to you. And don't listen to those who are afraid of living in fear.

15. Do not stop listening to others to continue having good relationships. If you want to be a psychologist, you already have this gift of listening.

16. Take care of your attitude and your motivations. You are stronger than you think. I love your way of thinking and your confidence, you are an example for me.

17. Forgive and forgive yourself. If something doesn't turn out the way you expected, you'll have more chances to repeat it the way you wanted to get the best result.

18. Take the time Life is not just studying or playing or working ... Keep enjoying volleyball, the sea or photography, even if you are 50 years old or older. Your hobbies will grow and change with you.

19. Happiness depends on you. Don't expect anyone to make you happy, not your girlfriend, not your parents, not your friends. Happiness is an attitude towards life, you have shown it since childhood, do not forget it. You were born happy and that is how your life should be.

20. Don't leave your smile in the hands of anyone. It depends only on you. Take care of what you tell yourself and the stories you make of your experiences, they have the power of a smile.

21. Love yourself do not have toxic relationships. You are not selfish for thinking of yourself first and then of others. You would be selfish if you only think about yourself, and this you have never done. Don't do it as an adult.

22. Do not fear loneliness you are not alone, you are with you. Do the things you love for yourself and for yourself. Don't let your relationships depend on the fear of loneliness.

23. Free yourself the desire to be superior, to be superior, to be right or the need to win everything. Be humble, so it will take longer to arrive, but what you get will be more durable.

24. Love without fear.

25. Love and love again.

And remember, that mom and dad, we live our way, do the same! Don't want to follow our steps. Create your own path, you are the maker of your dreams, and we, we will always remain close to you.

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