The old fisherman and the boy. Children's story for grandparents and grandchildren

How much joy grandchildren bring to grandparents' lives! The grandchildren return to the elders the illusion, the curiosity, the fantasy and also, the desire to do many new things.

This children's story for grandparents and grandchildren, The old fisherman and the boy, It is about a boy who spends an afternoon with an old fisherman and with an afternoon of games is able to give him back a little bit of his youth and, above all, bring him a lot of happiness.

Looking at the horizon, an old fisherman, lost in thought, was throwing his rod into the water between the rocks of the sea. In a little while a boy arrived and began to play by jumping around him. After a few minutes he was observing the man and standing next to him he asked:

- You want to play with me?

The man looked at the boy with amusement and leaving the cane replied:

- Sure, I have a lot of time.

Side by side they were observing the little crabs and minnows among the rocks, they jumped happily among the waves of the sea, they flew through the sky with the seagulls, they made castles in the air, they ran along the beach and they lay down on the sand to keep imagining with the shapes that the clouds drew in the sky.

Suddenly, the boy got up and said:

- It's late! I have to go! - and ran off towards the village after hastily saying goodbye.

The man's eyes gleamed as he watched him walk away. That little boy had awakened the fantasy of his childhood, had made him feel very happy and brought back forgotten memories.

It is very important that in addition to learning to read, children learn to understand what they are reading, these activities can help you. Ask your children these questions:

- Who are the protagonists of this story?

- Did the old fisherman want to play with the boy?

- How did they pass it?

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