The blind owl. Children's story about the value of friendship

The blind owl. Children's story about the value of friendship

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From the earliest childhood and until the last stage of life, friends are an essential part of people's lives. Having friends, caring for them, supporting them and loving them will give us a unique and unrepeatable experience.

This is a very valuable teaching for our children that we can transmit to them through stories such as The blind owl, a children's story about the value of friendship and the importance of caring for good friends.

There was a very funny owl who had two friends that he played with every day in the forest. They hid between the branches of the trees, jumped, ran one after the other and thus spent their time very happily.

It happened that the owl, due to illness, was going blind; so, the rabbit and the mouse without missing a single day, they were going to bring him food and play with him.

The owl used to stand on the same branch of the tree and at night without losing its good humor when hearing them arrive, it hooted:

- Uhuhuhaaa, Uhuhuhaaa, uh uh! Are you there friend rabbit?

- Uhuhuhaaa, Uhuhuhaaa, uh, uh! Where are you mouse friend?

And his friends loudly answered with amusement:

- Here, at the foot of the tree trunk!

One day when the night was very dark, the owl, although he did not hear them coming, hooted gracefully from the tree branch as he always did:

- Uhuhuhaaa, Uhuhuhaaa, uh! Where are you rabbit friend?

- Uhuhuhaaa, Uhuhuhaaa, uh! Are you there friend mouse?

But none of his friends answered and the worried owl hooted again:

- Uh uh uh! Where are you rabbit friend?

- Uh uh uh! Where are you mouse friend?

An owl from a neighboring tree said:

- Don't bother looking for your friends; surely they have gone to have fun in another forest.

But the owl, ignoring the words of the owl, continued calling his friends, feeling that something had happened to them.

- Uh uh uh! Are you okay, rabbit friend?

- Uh uh uh! Are you okay, mouse friend?

A passing snake said whistling:

- Don't bother calling your friends; they will have made other plans and no longer remember you.

Again, without doubting for a single moment of his friendship with the rabbit and the mouse, he ignored the snake and howled much louder calling his friends:

- Uh uh uh! Is something wrong my rabbit friend?

- Uh uh uh! Are you okay, mouse friend?

Then, in the distance, he heard the voices of his friends.

- Owl, we have fallen into a trap! We are here!

The owl that had a very fine ear, gathering courage, flew blindly towards the place where the voices came from and following the instructions of his friends he was able to free them.

The three of them returned to the forest tree together happily, showing everyone else that true friendship can overcome all obstacles.

Test your children to see if they have really understood this children's story by asking them these questions:

- What animals star in this story?

- Were they friends? Why?

- What happened to the rabbit and the mouse?

- How did you manage to save yourself?

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