Bridges. Poetry about solidarity for children

Bridges. Poetry about solidarity for children

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Both stories and poetry they are fantastic tools to educate children in values. Values ​​often appear through metaphors. You can help your child understand them and develop abstract thinking and critical thinking in the process.

This time we offer you the poem 'Bridges', a short, rhymed poem by Elsa Isabel Bornemann, a well-known Argentine poet who wrote a lot for children. Talk to your child about the meaning of this beautiful poetry, which has to do with solidarity.

I draw bridges
for you to find me:
A fabric bridge,
with my watercolors ...

A suspension bridge,
with bright chalk ...
Wood bridges,
with crayon ...

silver, coppery ..
Unbreakable bridges,
of stone, invisible ...

And you ... Who would believe!
You don't even see them!
I do a hundred, ten, one ...
You don't cross any!

(Elsa Isabel Bornemann)

This short poem also conveys a precious lesson to us. On this occasion, he speaks of solidarity. Build bridges instead of building walls. Help your child understand this concept with these questions:

  1. What does the protagonist of the story draw?
  2. How can bridges be?
  3. What do you think bridges are for?

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