This would be the perfect teacher for our children

This would be the perfect teacher for our children

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There are more classical teachers. Some like to talk in class. Others prefer that students take notes. By hand, if possible. There are teachers who try to be friends with the students and there are those who keep their distance. There are those who send mountains of homework and others who prefer to work only in class.

With so many teachers ... what is the best? How should our children's teacher be? Once the pros and cons have been analyzed, here we have the X-ray of who would surely be the perfect teacher. So he would be the perfect teacher for our children.

Discover the virtues that make a teacher approach perfection. He is the one that gets his students motivated and really learn. These teachers have all of this in common:

1. Maintains contact with the family and thinks of each student as someone special. Knowing the parents and the family of the student helps to understand and empathize with the child. The ideal teacher is the one capable of finding the key to get the best out of each student.

2. Read and connect with teachers who constantly discuss education. He is an active teacher, who investigates new formulas, new ways to educate, who adapts to changes in society and never stops learning. He is usually a teacher who does not reject social networks, but uses them to his advantage, and prefers to put aside the lessons of books to interact and debate in class.

3. He talks a lot with his students, and includes music and art in the class. Far from forgetting the teaching of music, the good teacher relies on it to teach his students. He also encourages his students to express themselves through art.

4. Challenge your students to exceed their goals. It encourages and challenges them so that they can surpass themselves.

5. Always reward effort. It is not about rewarding the child with the best grades but the one who tried the hardest.

6. Develops the critical thinking of students. Encourage students to ask and raise doubts. He does not teach so that they learn by heart. Teach your students to think.

7. Experiment in class. This teacher prefers his classes to be more practical. Research exercises and activities. Experiment.

8. He knows how to control his nerves and is patient. A teacher who does not shout in class, who knows how to communicate with his students in an energetic way without the need to shout. You know perfectly well that to earn respect you don't have to raise your voice.

9. He is creative, and provides its students with the necessary tools so that they can learn.

10. Encourage and encourage your students constantly. You don't let them throw in the towel, but instead encourage them to keep trying again and again. And if they fail, they don't care: forgive their mistakes and convince them to correct it and start over.

'Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world' (Nelson Mandela). Let's not waste that opportunity.

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