The red balloon. Story for conceited and conceited children

The red balloon. Story for conceited and conceited children

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Do you think your son is very vain? Vanity is the quality of those who have a high opinion of themselves and they also need to be constantly admired.

It is not a quality well seen by others, it is not even good for oneself, therefore, we should correct our children if we detect vain attitudes. So that they can understand that they have to change their behavior, we suggest you read with your children, The red balloon, a story for conceited and vain children.

In the town square there was a man who sold balloons of all colors and sizes.

One of the balloons, the red one, was chosen by a child who was walking there with his parents. The balloon knowing the protagonist, stretched proudly asking the seller to inflate it a lot. Afterwards, he asked the boy to give him more air and the little one, excited, blew again with such energy that he made the balloon fly over all heads, standing out from the rest.

The force of the balloon was such, many saw it, that the knot of the string that held it to the child's hand unraveled and flew rapidly into the sky.

He flew proud feeling admired by others, when a bird passed him and called him:

-Bird! Can you puff me up a little more?

Although the bird saw that he was very red, he did what he asked and carefully putting his beak inside it, he inflated it more.

The balloon seeing that everyone nudged each other when they saw it go by felt more interesting and wanted to get bigger.

A stork passed her and called her:

-Stork! Can you puff me up a little more?

The stork looked at him puzzled when he saw that he was about to explode and replied:

"Don't you think you're already very swollen?"

But the balloon, seeing the admiration that aroused in its wake and feeling more and more powerful, insisted:

"I want more air!"

Then, the stork blew into the balloon with force until it became red.

The balloon, very happy, kept rising higher and higher and suddenly, everyone looked at the sky when they heard:


Help your child understand the meaning of this short story for children by asking these questions:

  • What color was the main balloon?
  • Who do you ask for help to swell up more and more?
  • What happens in the end?
  • Do you think the balloon was wrong? Why?

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