The emotional footprint left by the photos you post of your children

The emotional footprint left by the photos you post of your children

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Look at the profiles of your friends and followers. Maybe you have never noticed but you will realize that in a great majority they are full of photos of their children in different situations. The first ice cream, a cinema, playing in the park, etc. The curious thing about this topic, and without delving into issues of intellectual propertyl, protection of the dissemination of images of minors, or the risks involved in taking and disseminating photos in public places, etc. It is that, as a general rule, we do not know the emotional imprint that it can leave by exposing the lives of our children in such a light way.

Think before post photos of your children on social media, you may leave an emotional mark that is difficult to erase.

Currently, a large percentage of adults make a excessive use of social networksIt seems that in order to share the lives of our children. Making a simile, it is as if you were listening to a football game on the radio ... "minute and result" .... whatever you do, even if it is the most common thing in the world, it is uploaded to the networks, so we can see "breakfast family "," to school that we are late "," the function at school "," a few days at the beach "," how old have you become my daughter "" memories of when she was born "," her first Halloween costume and a long etc ...

The question I ask those parents is: Have you ever wondered if your children are going to be comfortable with this behavior of yours? Have you thought that it could take its toll? What is the purpose of this overexposure in the networks?

This type of parents who leave little space for their privacy and tell practically everything through social networks, are beginning to be classified as journalist parents.

Emotionally speaking, we can be doing a lot of harm to our children, and also doing it to ourselves.

From my point of view it is a reflection of insecurity on the part of the parents to continuously show our children, as if it were a trophy, or creating a false profile or identity of our children showing them as they are not. We are already talking about cases that are taking place, where children are shown as authentic "winners" or geniuses, unleashing expectations in the child, and in the environment, which is then very difficult to achieve, and to manage when it is not achieved.

As I have said before, it seems to me a mechanism of defense and insecurity, and of unreflective behavior by parents. We must not overexpose our children, neither in the exceptional or good, nor in the simple or habitual.

In addition, we can observe that very few are the parents who put photos of their angry children, with tantrums, or when they have done their homework wrong, or when they are dirty and ugly, or when they play soccer and are on the bench. We seek the perfect life, we try to reflect our ideal of perfection in our children and show it to the world, but we have chosen the wrong path. Excellence is never reached on the fast track and in such a superficial way, and that is one of the biggest mistakes we can make, since we contribute greatly to not forge their character.

From the point of emotional sight, We must teach them that each of us is the result of the responses of pleasant emotions, and of the management of the less pleasant and the sum of the two is what will make up our personality.

My recommendation is simply that you take these into account three questions:

  1. Have you ever wondered if they are going to like everything you've been uploading tomorrow?
  2. What need do you have to spread only the good and not learn from the bad?
  3. And, from an emotional point of view, will this make your child feel good or bad, or leave him indifferent?

Remember, once you answer these questions, let's appreciate that being more emotionally intelligent is teaching them to manage and enjoy emotions, both pleasant and less pleasant. Teach and show a wonderful life to them and to the environment, knowing that it is never like that, that it is unreal, can conclude in a irreparable emotional damage.

Now that you know it, try to review your images from your social networks, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc ... your children will thank you.

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