Foods that hydrate children

Foods that hydrate children

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A good hydration of the body so that our children stay healthy and energetic. When we speak of hydration we immediately think of water or other beverages, but through food we must also provide our body with the hydration it needs.

We have searched the best foods that hydrate children. Here you are.

1. Fruits: One of the foods that provides the most hydration to children are the fruits. Not only in the form of juices or natural juices, but each piece of fruit is an important source of vitamins, minerals and also of water. Watermelon and melon are the star fruits when it comes to hydration for children, closely followed by delicious strawberries, pineapple, orange and grapes.

2. Vegetables: For its part, vegetables They also provide a large amount of water that helps the body function properly. Lettuce, pickle, and spinach top the list of hydrating vegetables, but tomatoes, onions, and chard also have to be considered. And if vegetables are still your kid's workhorse, try looking for fun recipes with these vegetables to reduce their rejection.

We insist on the importance of hydration in children because due to their rhythm of life they need to hydrate more even than adults. But as with all aspects related to infant feeding, it is also a matter of education and example in the family. If from an early age we accustom children to enjoying a healthy and balanced diet, we will achieve a better quality of life for them in adulthood.

If fruits and vegetables are important in children's nutrition and not only because of their moisturizing aspect, soups and creams are no less important, which also have a great contribution of water. Soups, creams, fruits and vegetables are also low-calorie foods, so while we keep children hydrated we will be preventing childhood obesity, a problem we must be very attentive to.

The question that all parents ask when it comes to hydrating their children is whether all beverages hydrate. The answer is clearly no. While the water and natural juices They can be consumed in any desired quantity, soft drinks do not provide any benefit for the nutrition of children and they cannot even be counted among the drinks that hydrate.

Laura Velez.

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