My child has a sunburn, what do I do?

My child has a sunburn, what do I do?

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Especially in summer, we are all very aware that photoprotection measures must be adopted in the smallest of the house to avoid sunburn.

The days are longer, the weather is good, and children want to be outside and enjoy the game in the company of their friends. And, of course, if we have forgotten to apply sunscreen, our child will have a burn. What can we do?

Here are 10 tips on what to do, what to apply and how to cure a sunburn in children:

1- The first thing we have to do is apply local cold. For example, through cloths soaked in tap water. It is important to avoid applying salt water, because the little one will be more bothered by the burn.

2- If the burn is second degree blisters will appear. Remember that you should not manipulate them, and you should not exploit them. Leave them as they are.

3- Do not forget to give him some pain medication, taken by mouth, such as ibuprofen or metamizole.

4- When the child is a little more relieved, apply a body moisturizer of the ones you have at home. And if you don't have any at home, what are you waiting for? Run to buy one!

5- Do not apply on a raw egg white burn, toothpaste or anything like that. These substances are not going to help you at all. What's more, they predispose to over-infection of the burn.

6- If the burn is very extensive or if the pain persists, you should consult with your pediatrician bedside or with the pediatrician of an emergency service.

7- Until the burned area is not better, you should categorically avoid a new sun exposure of the damaged area.

8- Beware of three areas that you had never thought could burn: the eyelids, ears and tops of the feet. They must always be photoprotected.

9- Remember that the skin has memory. Repeated sunburn is directly related to skin aging and appearance of skin cancer.

10- That is, there are three magic words in the management of sunburn: prevention, prevention and prevention.

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