When and how to remove diapers from children

When and how to remove diapers from children

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How do you know if the child is ready enough to learn to use the potty and thus abandon the diaper? How to remove diapers from children? Is it done in the same way to a boy and a girl? These are the most important doubts of parents, especially when they are two years old.

In an exclusive interview with, the urologist Juan Carlos Ruiz de la Roja, teaches us some guidelines on when and how to remove the diaper from children.

1-When should we remove the diaper during the day?

The diaper should be removed between 18 and 24 months because this is the time when both the sphincter and the bladder mature. It is the moment in which we can remove the diaper and begin to put the child in the toilet or odorless cup so that he learns to urinate.

2-What are the steps to remove the diaper?

From the age of two you can begin to remove the diaper, but it is especially from the third year when you must act more actively and remove it completely.

From the age of two you can start to remove the diaper, in a different way.

1- Teach children to urinate, for this it is very important that we teach male children to urinate standing up and girls have to sit them on the toilet, in a sitting position, with their legs at right angles and supported on a bench, in a comfortable and pleasant environment and always accompanied.

2- Identify the usual schedule of the child's needs, usually after meals, to take him to the toilet, every day, for about 5 or 10 minutes.

3- You have to encourage the little one to remain seated or standing to the toilet. For example, give him a doll, a book or a magazine and when he or she manages to satisfy his needs, 'reward' him with a kiss, a clap or a compliment.

3-When should we remove the diaper at night? Does it depend on the age or the time that has passed since the child controls the toilet during the day?

The diaper at night is more difficult to remove, the night control is always the most difficult for the child. From the age of three is when we must make an attempt to completely remove the night diaper.

In spite of everything, between three and five years it is very difficult to withdraw it, so we should not worry. If after five years we see that we cannot remove the diaper, we have to consult with the doctor because there is the possibility of treatments.

4-Is it convenient to use the urinal or is it better to use the toilet?

It is preferable to use the toilet or odorless bowl. Usually, and especially in girls, the fact of using the toilet and putting the legs at a right angle and resting on a small bench causes them to be able to exert more force and completely empty the bladder.

In fact, in these cases, it is advisable for children, two or three minutes after urinating, to put them back in the toilet to completely empty the bladder, because normally children still have an immature bladder and there is You have to go out of your way to try to empty it.

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