ADHD or rude child?

ADHD or rude child?

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What a difficult situation many parents with children who have been detected ADHD live in! Many times the border between a child with a lack of limits due to an excessively permissive education and a child with symptoms of hyperactivity it is very thin and confusing.

Parents will undoubtedly be in the eye of other parents and teachers, as they are held responsible for their child's behavior. ADHD or rude child? What will my son have?

ADHD is a pathology characterized by the existence of three symptoms: hyperactivity (continuous movement and higher than expected for the child's age), inattention and impulsivity. It is a disorder that occurs due to a disturbance of the central nervous system and it is today one of the most frequent causes of school failure and social problems in childhood.

Recently, a mother who suffered from the situation of her nine-year-old son wrote in our forums. two years ago, they detected an ADHD problem. Your son is marked in his school by teachers and classmates, since, although he has improved a lot at the moment due to the medication and tries to make an effort so that his classmates accept him, his past impulsive, aggressive and difficult coexistence behavior has caused him not to have friends or that they have rejected you.

As if this situation weren't already difficult enough, your child feels that his classmates hate him, and his parents feel helpless, they do not know well how to act, except to give him encouragement and attention. There are similar behaviors between a child with ADHD and a rude child (no limits).

Some symptoms they may share are restlessness (they usually do not respect coexistence rules such as sitting when told), impulsiveness (cannot wait for turns or play quietly), rebellion or disobedience, poor response to punishment and low self-esteem, since due to their behavior, outside of the norms are unpopular or rejected.

Are parents to blame? The child's family environment is decisive in the appearance of some behavioral problems, but on the contrary They can also mean the control and the brake of these problems.

Parents of a hyperactive child will have a very difficult job, since their child's impulsivity and learning difficulties due to inattention go beyond academics, they also affect to prevent them from retaining the norms of behavior. We should all bear in mind that it is a disorder and not negligence on the part of the parents, although of course it is also understandable that the rest of the children stay away from those who give them problems, hit them or are not accepted by others.

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