Fourth month of pregnancy. Pregnancy stages

Fourth month of pregnancy. Pregnancy stages

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The fourth month of pregnancy marks the beginning of second trimester of pregnancy. It is marked by tranquility, since the fear of losing the baby disappears, since spontaneous abortions are more typical of the first trimester of pregnancy. Notice the baby's first kicks it is a sign of your good health. The first fetal movements or kicks of the baby are usually noticed between week 16 and 18 when it comes to the second pregnancy or later and around week 19 or 20 when it comes to the first pregnancy.

At this stage of pregnancy, the baby's development progresses, and the fetus moves, kicks, swallows, and can hear the voices outside. his skin is pink and transparent. The umbilical cord continues to grow and expand to carry enough food from the mother to the fetus.

The future mom you will feel more appetite as the discomforts of the first trimester of pregnancy, such as morning sickness and vomiting, disappear. During the second trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant woman will be able to fully enjoy her pregnancy and will feel with more energyYou will be able to show off your tummy, but it won't feel as heavy as in the third trimester of pregnancy. Thanks to this agility you can take advantage of gentle exercise and lead a life full of well-being.

Towards the end of the fourth month of pregnancy (16-20 weeks), you will probably feel, for the first time, a slight movement of the baby. It is advisable to tell your doctor, as it is an indication of good health. The belly is now in full growth, prepare your wardrobe, since from the fourth month of pregnancy you will probably need maternity clothes and bras of a larger size.

Once the baby is formed, from the fourth month of pregnancy the baby begins to grow and ddevelopment of all its vital structures. For this reason, the diet of the pregnant woman is essential and must be provided with all the nutrients that the baby needs. The requirements of some of these nutrients, such as iron, which is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin in the blood, are difficult to obtain from food alone.

Therefore, during the prenatal examination of the fourth trimester of pregnancy, your doctor will pay special attention to your iron levels, to rule out possible anemia in pregnancy. You may recommend taking iron through supplements.

Regarding your weight, you will begin to notice an increase in weight in pregnancy of approximately 200 grams per week. Prenatal tests for the fourth month of pregnancy are the alpha-protein (AFP) test to detect neural tube defects, which will be done from week 16 to 18. fourth month ultrasound of pregnancy, it is possible that the sex of the baby is already appreciated, because its genitals are formed.

The size of the baby is still small, because in the fourth month of pregnancy, the baby begins its development, but it already looks like a newborn because its body begins to grow proportionate and his head no longer represents the double of his body as in the first weeks. In this important stage of pregnancy it weighs between 100 and 200 grams and measures approximately between 10 cm and 15 cm.

At this important stage of pregnancy, baby's senses they are in full development. Your eyes begin to react to light, and your ears can perceive external sounds. The mother's voice is one of the first sounds that she recognizes and, therefore, she can begin to speak gently with the baby and stimulate her with soothing music. It also begins to distinguish different flavors within the amniotic fluid that it swallows and reacts to tactile stimuli.

His skeleton begins to harden and the baby begins to make wide movements within the gut, is what is known as baby kicks. The external sex organs can already be clearly distinguished by ultrasound. As long as the position of the child allows it, if it is a boy the penis and scrotum will be visible, while if it is a girl the vulva will be visible.

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