Musical stimulation for babies

Musical stimulation for babies

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Within Early Stimulation a fundamental part is musical stimulation. Supports the senses and helps improve their cognitive and affective abilities. From 3 months is when we can start our babies to musical discovery and its possibilities. It is here where the Game is an essential part of this process.

Along this path, parents and educators must make every effort to make the most of their learning and stimulation. Knowing that using imagination, music and affection are the main objective to make our babies happier.

On many occasions we think that our babies are too young to carry out depending on what activities. From the moment the baby is born, it instinctively prepares itself to discover the world around it; A fundamental tool is Music.

The 3-month-old baby really likes to lie on his stomach, he keeps his chest upright and leans on his forearms. Although it is very small and does not yet control its movements, it is able to hear different sounds and enjoy Music.

If you want to Play with Music with your little one, follow these tips:

1. Lowers baby and makes sounds on either side of her ear. You can swap different rattles so it recognizes different sounds.

2. Sing a lullaby before going to sleep, it doesn't have to be with lyrics, just by pronouncing the "m" near his head, singing a simple song, he will relax.

3. If you sing the same melody all the time, the baby will recognize it and it will serve as a relaxation exercise before sleeping. You will notice that if you follow this process the baby will gradually identify the song and fall asleep more easily.

4. In addition to rattles, when you have your baby in front of you (even for a few seconds), use musical instruments that also shine light. The 3-month-old baby can already follow objects with his eyes and if he accompanies it with a sound, it is a much more fun game for him.

Experimenting with music from babies is essential from a very early age, after all, babies are exposed to an immense Sound and Musical World and are eager to know it. Being able to be part of that experience and share it with them is the best therapy.

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