The video that shows that safety measures for babies in swimming pools do not work

The video that shows that safety measures for babies in swimming pools do not work

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Cody's father, barely two years old, prepared the pool 'child proof'. A high-rise pool, with only one access via a secure ladder, closed and padlocked so that younger children cannot climb it. Perfect.

So Keith, the boy's father, was calm. 'Thus, my son will not have any danger' (he thought). Error. We must never forget that the only vigilance and security that really works with children is the constant vigilance of parents. And if not, look at what this cautious father verified (with horror) one fine day when he was accompanying his son in the garden, next to the brand new 'anti-children' ladder that he placed in the pool. Here is the proof, the video that shows why safety measures for babies in swimming pools do not work.

Do not lose detail. It won't take you more than 30 seconds: the video shows the surprising ease with which a baby as young as two years can circumvent the iron security of a swimming pool. The little one tightly grasps the sides of the locked and padlocked ladder and climbs it in just twenty seconds.

Imagine that you are with your child, in the pool. You know that you must watch but you are also calmer or calm because you recently installed a safety barrier so that your child could not jump into the pool. So you keep reading that exciting book ... well, it's just a few seconds and you'll look again. No more than a minute or two. Enough. Now take a good look at this video and discover why not even a barrier is safe in a pool when it comes to a baby ...

Keith Wyman, little Cody's father made this video public through its social networks to alert all parents who, trusting by the safety measures of the pool, decide to talk with a friend, read a book or placidly close their eyes to sunbathe, while your little one roams around the pool ...

'So I'm posting this video (Keith Wyman writes) after finding 2-year-old Cody trying to climb the pool ladder when it was closed and tightly closed. I got it with the new Tonya pool, and I urge you to watch your kids in the pools and buy a new type of ladder !! The child has some strength in the upper body "...

Let's not underestimate the abilities and strength of babies. It may surprise you. The father of this two-year-old baby was only a meter from the little one. She didn't understand that her pool security system was actually an attractive slide challenge for her little one.

In the end, the only security measure that works for babies in pools is surveillance. Strict and permanent surveillance. It's very tiring, yes, and we all have a careless moment. Every time this happens to you, remember this video, and envision the 2-year-old rapidly climbing the pool ramp. You will regain strength to look for your son and not lose sight of him for a second.

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