Activities to review math with children in a fun way

Activities to review math with children in a fun way

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The holidays are very long and between games you can help your child to review basic concepts they learned during the school year. What if you help them review math in a fun way? If possible. Math doesn't have to be boring.

We offer you a series of tricks and activities to review math with children in a fun way. For them it will be a game and yet they will be consolidating all the knowledge they learned during the school year.

Multiplication tables, divisions, fractions ... Surely it sounds familiar to you. Your child has had to learn a series of math facts during his school year. And now, on vacation, you can help him review in a more fun way. Do you know the tricks with the multiplication tables? How about you make a craft together to create an adding machine? Write down all these activities and have a fun time with your child between numbers and more numbers.

  1. Tricks of the multiplication tables. Yes, we agree that multiplication tables should be memorized. But they can also be memorized by playing with some tricks that will serve as a review of the tables. From the trick of the multiplication table of 9 using your hands, to the trick of the table of 11, with which you will encourage mental calculation. We have all the tricks with the multiplication tables, from the simple trick of the table of 2 and 3, a somewhat more complex trick for the table of 4 (with which they will also have to draw a star), another fascinating trick for the Table of 5, a trick with the hands for the table of 6, 7 and 8 .... Review the multiplication table that costs your child the most with one of these tricks.
  2. The Pythagorean table and the Russian table. Another way to review multiplication tables is by using the fantastic Pythagorean and Russian Tables. They are very old tables where the results of all the multiplication tables are concentrated. You will think that it is a form of 'cheating' with the tables. Do not believe it. Just looking at them helps children remember the result of a multiplication quickly.
  3. Butterfly trick for fractions. Children love this trick. For them it is like a game and the best of all is ... that it works! Learn to do the butterfly trick to add and subtract fractions and give your child some operations to solve with this simple drawing.
  4. The adding machine. If your child likes crafts and this year they learned to add, they will be fascinated by this craft. It's about creating your own adding machine. It is a simple, homemade, inexpensive and very educational craft. What are you waiting for?
  5. Trick of the divisions. If your child started dividing during this course and needs to brush up on the basics of these operations, you can use these tips to make dividing easily and quickly. Children love to watch explanations on videos. They even seem to understand them better!
  6. The numbers squared. Here we leave you a trick to calculate the squared numbers in a fun way. It does not matter if it is a simple number or a more difficult one. With this simple trick your child will be able to solve all these operations in record time.
  7. Add big figures in record time. It looks like a magic trick. Your child will really enjoy this fascinating trick with which he will be able to add huge figures in no time. You want to try?
  8. The secret number. Another very simple trick with which your child will play to be a magician. The result is really amazing and the game itself helps children to do certain mathematical operations to solve the puzzle.
  9. Multiply numbers close to 100. Another game to practice multiplication with two numbers and high figures, close to 100. It is simple and fun. Proof!

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