When work gets in the way of motherhood

When work gets in the way of motherhood

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Having children is the desire of many women, of the majority, I would say, and when we reach thirty years of age the biological clock alarm begins to ring in our minds and hearts, and that is when we begin to consolidate everything we need to have. controlled to make our wish to be a mother come true. Partner, home, work ... are some of the main priorities we establish when it comes time to have a child.

Currently, working life is the barrier that is most difficult for us to overcome for women, according to the Fertility Survey in Spain carried out by the CIS, whose results indicate that 60 percent of Spanish women consider motherhood to be an obstacle for her career, although it could also be thought that it is the other way around, that career is the main obstacle to motherhood.

And the thing is that throughout my professional life I have come across all kinds of situations, which have been experienced on one side and the other of the same coin. Thus, I have met colleagues, whose main concern was that they would be fired from work after their maternity leave, friends who had received a promotion just when they had planned to become pregnant, women who have postponed their desire to have a child to seek another job opportunity in another city or another country and some brave ones who have wrapped the blanket around their heads, have done what their hearts dictated and have become pregnant through thick and thin.

The most recent cases are those of some friends, who taking advantage of the fact that they are unemployed due to the economic crisis we are experiencing, have decided to take advantage of the situation and the time to have their child. This way, even though they have other issues to worry about, they may not have to figure out how to juggle to prioritize their parenting time.

On the other hand, it seems important to mention the new trend that many authors and specialists defend on the subject of natural nurturing, exogenous gestation. It is about the dependence that the child has on the maternal body, which lasts for nine months inside and nine months outside, and that if it is interrupted it damages the upbringing with a bond.

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