How to give a baby medicine in six steps

How to give a baby medicine in six steps

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Getting our baby to take the medicine is one difficult but necessary task for your health. They usually spit it out, cry like crazy, and even vomit. It is not easy at all, and if we force it too much we run the risk of the child choking.

In we show you how give a baby medicine in six steps, without choking and without involving a family tragedy.

The bitter taste Of most children's medicines, no matter how hard they try to camouflage them with sugary flavors, it causes babies to tend to reject them. Also, make them reason being so small is impossibleHowever, it is also not advisable to force them into the mouth, since, in addition to the trauma that can result for the child and a subsequent stronger rejection of taking medications, we can cause an injury to the provider.

To give a medicine to the baby you have to do it decisively, without hesitation, since that would lengthen the suffering of our son. Once he pediatrician has prescribed it, you know that medicine is necessary for its cure; don't feel guilty no matter how much I cry.

1. Place it at 45º with the hands facing downwards and supporting the head. Never lay him down, as he runs the risk of coughing, expelling medicine or choking.

2. Using a plastic measuring spoon, a pipette, syringe, or bottle nipple to deliver the medicine. Never use sharp or metallic elements that can damage the baby's mouth.

3. If the taste is very bitter, and makes the baby gag, we can dilute it slightly with water, juices or milk, Whenever the medicine allows it, since there are some that do not allow mixing with other liquids because they nullify its effects.

4. Introduce it through the side of the mouth and deposit the medicine in the back from the baby's mouth, never near the cheeks as we are in danger of expelling it. Nor should we put it in the throat, it could choke.

5. Avoid giving it after eating in case he vomits it, but also do not give it to him on an empty stomach, as it could hurt him.

6. Finally give him a big kiss to congratulate you on how well you have done.

If the baby is very rebellious and there is no way that these tricks will take the medicine, you can iTry to give it mixed with yogurt, applesauce, honey, or any food that he likes, but make sure he takes the entire dose.

In the event that he vomits, do not re-administer the medicine without checking with the doctor, as you could run the risk that he did not vomit at all and give him an overdose of the medicine.

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