The mystery bag: a fabulous game to improve children's concentration

The mystery bag: a fabulous game to improve children's concentration

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One of the great challenges of all parents with the most 'giddy' and active children is improve your concentration. Or at least ... get them to pay some attention to them. And it is difficult to impose a series of rules and routines when the child is unable to attend to explanations or seems to 'forget everything', despite repeating the same thing 20 times.

The best thing in these cases is to 'attack the root of the problems'. What does it cost you to pay attention ... let's improve your attention span and concentration! How? Through games !! Here I propose one of Montessori: 'The mysterious bag', a game to improve children's concentration.

This is the great doubt of many parents: 'Will he disobey me because he wants to or is it true when he says he did not hear it?' Maybe your son is right, that he simply did not heed the explanations you gave him (yes, even though you repeated the same thing 5 times). And the reason is that many children are very easily distracted, They 'disconnect' at one point and turn a deaf ear, as their attention is elsewhere (or place in their head). The solution? Improve your attention and concentration!

Here is a fabulous game to improve children's concentration: 'The Mysterious Bag'. It is an ideal Montessori game to use with the little ones (children from 3 years old can play). Follow these instructions to put it into practice:

  1. You need a small or medium cloth bag (plastic will make noise and the child will not be able to concentrate well).
  2. Enter between 5 and 10 objects in the bag, depending on the size. Make sure they are objects of very varied shapes and materials: a marble, a small stuffed animal, a shell, a key, a whistle ...
  3. Once you have the bag ready, you can play in two ways: ask your child to reach in and touch one of the objects, describe it out loud and try to guess what it is, or play with your child, taking turns to let him or her watch you do it too.
  4. To improve concentration and the sense of touch, you can wear a mask. Children love games that add a bit of 'mystery' (and covering your eyes is already an extra mystery ...).

This game is fantastic not only to improve children's concentration. It also offers the little ones other advantages. For example:

  • Develop your sense of touch. The bag should contain very different objects that help the child to develop the sense of touch: soft, hard, rough objects ... large or small objects, and of different shapes. You can add objects that make a sound when pressed. Change objects and you will be able to play many times before your child tires.
  • Encourage the imagination. What object will it be touching? Surely, beyond reality, the child can imagine fantastic and surprising objects. Why don't you play with him to 'invent' strange objects?
  • Recognize objects by shape. This game also benefits spatial representation through the sense of touch. You will help them to 'rebuild' objects just by imagining them mentally.
  • Improve vocabulary. As you ask your child to explain what he is playing, he should use a series of adjectives and nouns to help him build his vocabulary. You can help him by offering synonyms so that he in turn can enrich his vocabulary. Imagine that your child says ... 'is soft' ... You can ask: 'is it fluffy? Gentle? Velvety?' ...
  • Encourage curiosity. You already know that the main engine of learning in children is curiosity. If you can stimulate him through a game, he will be much more interested in what he is learning. With this, you can create similar games. For example ... What if instead of objects you put simple questions in the bag that the child will have to answer? Every question you get right will be a point. In this way, you can create a contest for the whole family to participate.
  • Improve patience. Yes, that great virtue so complex for children. You can help your child gain patience with games like this. If several children participate, you will have to wait their turn (a great challenge for them).

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