Saint Mario's Day, January 19. Names for boy

Saint Mario's Day, January 19. Names for boy

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Mario is a name for a boy of Latin origin with a meaning that derives from the Roman god of war Mars. Contrary to what is supposed, this name is not the masculine one of Maria nor does it bear any relation.

It is a name of uncertain etymology due to its Etruscan roots, but in any case it is ideal for your child, who will be endowed with all the energy of a warrior and fighter god. Celebrate your name day January 19, which is the day of San Mario.

Mario is combative, fighter and brave, although his personality presents a certain contradiction because it also includes shyness and introspection. However, the energy that emanates from its meaning makes Mario inadvertently stand up like the one his group of friends follows and, in most cases, he is in charge of family protection. His character is, in any case, very charismatic.

Mario is a name that is used all over the world with hardly any variations in different languages. Sometimes the name of your son is related to that of Mariano and many assimilate it to the name Aaron. But the names closest to Mario due to their origin and meaning are those of Marco and Marcelo, also in direct relationship with the god Mars.

Marius is actually the name of a family or gens of ancient Rome whose members were believed to be direct descendants of the god of war. Thus, it is not strange to meet many Roman personalities who bear the name of your son, such as the famous consul and soldier Gaius Mario, whom we know through the great historians of antiquity.

But the name of your child is closer to us thanks to renowned characters in all areas, such as the poet Mario Beneditti, the Nobel Prize-winning writer Mario Vargas Llosa or the film director Mario Camus. In reality, Mario is a name that, despite its age, maintains all the originality and freshness for your child.

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