The Japanese method of de-stressing parents and children

The Japanese method of de-stressing parents and children

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They are calling her the happiness technique, and they assure that it is miraculous. You just need your hands and a few little tricks to get rid of stress and help your children relax. And is that stress, yes, stress, has already become the main evil of our century. Nobody doubts the bad consequences it represents for health. So if you want to get rid of it, learn this simple Japanese technique and apply it at home with your kids.

Tiredness, anguish, nervousness, sadness ... all these emotions, mental and physical states, inevitably lead us to feel really stressed. The rush, work, worries ... end up affecting our health, and are manifested with headaches, constipation, stomach pain ... how can we protect ourselves and get rid of all this?

Each hand has five fingers and each finger represents a different emotion:

1. The little finger represents anxiety, apathy, lack of energy. On a physical level, it is related to the heart, intestine and bones.

2. The ring finger, sadness and the feeling of doubt. And physically it can be projected into stomach problems and respiratory conditions, such as asthma.

3. Middle finger, anger, aggressiveness. Physically related to tiredness, gallbladder, liver, menstrual pain and headaches.

4. The tip finger, the fear. Also a reflection of muscle aches and bladder and kidney problems.

5. The thumb finger, worry, stress. Related to skin problems, stomach problems and headaches.

This technique (originally from Japan, related to shiatsu), ensures that each pressure you exert on each of those fingers will serve as relief to a certain pain.

Once you have identified which emotion you can work with each finger of your hand, we will now tell you, step by step, how to put this technique into practice to eliminate stress:

1. Put your hands together tightly, pressing your fingers together.

2. Now make your left fist and wrap it with your right hand.

3. Press the finger of the ailment you want to soothe. If it's stress, the thumb. If it's fear, the index finger.

4. Hold this pressure for 30 seconds.

5. Rest another 30 seconds and repeat the operation.

6. You can also exert pressure on your finger with an open hand, instead of making a fist. If you prefer this way, open your left hand and with the index and thumb of the right hand, press the two phalanges of the selected finger for a few minutes.

You can do this exercise again several times in a row. And repeat it with another finger if you want to calm another ailment. The Japanese say that it works because the hands are connected in the brain with all emotions.

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