Tips to permanently end children's nightmares

Tips to permanently end children's nightmares

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The dreaded nightmares are part of a child's normal development that occur during growth. They appear around 2-3 years and are a way of expressing lived experiences.

A child who has had a nightmare is likely to have a clear idea of ​​what is frightening him or her and have a feeling of fear. You may also be afraid of going back to sleep, and in the morning you may remember that you had a bad dream. We give you some tips to finally end the nightmares of children that will be very useful to you.

Nightmares are a very common problem in children from approximately 2 years of age. They tend to happen during the second half of the night during REM sleep phase and can be caused by different reasons:

- They lack hours of sleep.

- They are in a moment of development.

- They are sick, some children have nightmares when they have a fever.

- They are tired, children who are excessively exhausted have more nightmares than children who are well rested.

- They don't have a regular routine.

- They suffer stress or anxiety, caused by a transfer or the birth of a new sibling, etc.

When they have nightmares it is often difficult to get back to sleep because they are left in fear. Helping children manage their fears is key.

Nightmares can be prevented, as strange as it may seem. The next question is: how can we prevent nightmares? Pay attention to all this:

1. First of all make sure that he is receiving the hours of sleep that are due to him according to his age.

2. Reduce your stress or anxiety.

3. Establish and maintain a simple and relaxing routine before bed to help you manage any anxiety you may have.

4. Avoid going to sleep late.

5. Avoid watching TV for at least 1h before going to sleep.

Now, if despite everything, nightmares appear, you can help your child.How to help your child overcome them? With these tips:

- Go to your room and reassure him.

- Use a soft and calm voice so that you do not panic more than you already are.

- Tell him that everything is over, that he was having a bad dream.

- It's important to know listen and interpret their behavior and analyze if there have been changes in their habitual behavior.

Without a doubt, the nightmare is caused by a fear. The option to help a child break free from the nightmare is to try to reduce that fear. But ... How to reduce fears ?:

- It is important to know that your child's fear is very real. Teach him the difference between the real and the fantastic, by talking or reading books.

- Find ways to help your child overcome his fears.

- You can put on soothing music.

- You can give him a doll with which he feels protected.

- You can leave a dim light on.

- Drawing is also an amazing communication tool and another great medium to help you overcome your fears.

- Talk about what happened in a calm environment to be able to interpret their fears.

By last, try not to bring your child to your bed or get into his bed with him after a bad dream to avoid becoming a regular habit. Young children tend to develop bad sleep habits quickly, and those habits can be difficult to change. Give your full support without falling into habits that are difficult to correct in the long run.

** All of these recommendations are drawn from the books of children's sleep experts: Tracy Hogg, Elisabeth Pantley, Kim West, National Sleep Foundation, and a few more.

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