The old heart. Children's story about the emotions of grandparents

The old heart. Children's story about the emotions of grandparents

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When a person reaches old age, they are more tired, have more pain, aches and pains or forgetfulness. But, on our site we know a secret that makes grandparents' hearts beat faster: children.

This children's story The old heart represents as a metaphor, what happens when a grandfather is with his grandchildren. Your heart beats faster, you rejuvenate, even spiritually, and you feel happier. A short story about the passage of time and the emotions of grandparents.

He was trying to keep up with the rhythm he'd always had, but now, despite his best efforts, he couldn't. He was older, his heart knew it, that's why he walked very slowly.

- Knock knock knock ...

Two middle-aged hearts passed him, hurrying, talking about their things without noticing him.

- Knock knock knock knock knock ...

He looked at them and immediately many memories came to his mind.

"Do they know that life passes in a breath? And he continued walking very slowly. Lost in his thoughts.

Three young, boisterous hearts passed by, almost knocking him over as they passed.

- Knock knock knock knock knock ...

"What energy!" Will they even notice the passage of time? The old heart thought to itself.

When a childish heart passed him, the old man drew a smile on his face and walked away down a street thinking about how fast life goes by.

Have your children understood this story? Practice reading comprehension with them by asking these questions about the story.

  • Who is the protagonist of the story?
  • What happens when younger people walk by?
  • Why does it beat faster and faster?
  • What was the heart thinking all the time?

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