The trapped mouse. Children's story about helping others

The trapped mouse. Children's story about helping others

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Can two declared enemies help each other? It seems difficult, but it can happen and it will also be good for both of you. This is what this children's story is about, a cat used to hunting mice, a small rodent caught in fire saves its life.

A beautiful story for children about helping others, the importance of solidarity and the good thing about reaching out to those who need it even if they are not your friend. Kindness and solidarity are two values ​​that we must instill in our children and children's stories like this one: The trapped mouse, help us to achieve it.

The flames rose through the curtains of the bedroom window making that access impossible to escape. The mouse looked desperately at the door and went there in little hops. He lacked oxygen and was exhausted.

He left through the ajar door and into another smoke-filled room.

He guessed another door on the other side of the room and headed there as fast as he could. He stood very nervous. Time was running out and a wrong decision could cost him his life.

When he heard the cat's meow, his heart chilled.

At one point, the dreaded animal grabbed his tail and shoved him into his mouth, just as the flames were about to devour him.

The cat jumped onto a shelf and, from there, was able to get out through the window that overlooked a terrace of the house, and the two of them saved their lives.

To help your child understand what he is reading well and get used to assimilating the knowledge better, we suggest that you ask him these questions about the text:

  • What happened to the mouse?
  • Who was found on the run?
  • Did the cat eat the mouse?
  • Why do you think it didn't?

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