10 situations that worry and overwhelm parents

10 situations that worry and overwhelm parents

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Children are a source of joy, happiness, satisfaction and learning, but they also create many insecurities, burdens and worries in our parents. And is that the welfare of our children is a maxim.

Thinking that they may lack health, that they are unhappy or that they have problems at school takes away our sleep and makes us suffer. The phrase is very common but totally true: 'parents want the best for our children'.

Javier Urra, doctor of psychology and pedagogue therapist, has written a book 'Practical Answers for Overwhelmed Parents' In which it tries to solve and help all parents with respect to fundamental issues of their children. Guiainfantil has spoken with Urra to find out, based on his experience with parents and children, what issues burden mothers and fathers the most today.

1. Let the son die. It is the greatest fear and anguish for a parent.

2. Your child's physical and mental well-being. May he be born healthy and healthy and may not have any accident that deprives him of it.

3. The happiness of the children. Situations such as suffering because friends turn their backs, being harassed at school or rejected by a girlfriend or boyfriend worry parents.

4. The studies. If the child is lazy and does not complete his studies, nor does he want to work or perform his tasks, but only to lie down or play, the parents become distressed.

5. A bad relationship with the children. That the son turns against his parents, old them or humiliates them. It is another source of concern.

6. The drugs. Almost all children, sooner or later, come into contact with drugs. Parents worry that their child does not know how to say no and enters a spiral from which he cannot get out.

7. Rejection. Parents are overwhelmed that their children's behavior or a change in their behavior leads them to be rejected by society.

8. Failure as parents. Not doing well as a parent and making the child feel disappointed.

9. Separation from the couple. That the breakdown of one's partner can lead to emotional injuries in the child.

10. It depends on each family. That the child does not have the same religious beliefs as their parents, that they have a bad relationship with their grandparents or that their siblings get on badly. They are concrete situations that occur within each family.

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