Children with trouble reading, writing, and learning math

Children with trouble reading, writing, and learning math

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Learning difficulties are a set of disorders that manifest themselves in childhood through a series of problems when it comes to acquiring different capacities and abilities such as speaking correctly, understanding what is asked, writing, reading fluently or being able to perform mathematical exercises suitable for the child's age.

These learning disabilities in children in reading, writing and math they are intrinsic, and are usually due to a disorder in the nervous system. Know what are the signs that may lead you to suspect that your child suffers from a learning disorder in the main areas of the school curriculum.

It is common to hear the words "difficulty" and even "disorder" at the learning level at school. But it is important to better understand these two frequently used tags:

- Difficulties they refer to skills that can be improved and trainable, as well as understandable given that they are new, continuous and gradually more complex learning.

- While the possibility of one upset refers to a considerable and permanent alteration, although it can be improved with good training.

On our site we tell you more about the three main types of learning difficulties in reading, writing and mathematics, trying to solve doubts with a quick quiz to detect indicators.

Regarding the main indicators of learning difficulty in children, it is important to remember that the professionals in charge of assessing whether the difficulty may be due to a disorder will be specialized clinical therapists. But, before going to these signs that we indicate, they can help you solve basic doubts such as: What are learning difficulties? ¿Can my child show signs of any of the three specific difficulties?

- It was difficult to learn the alphabet.

- Continuous errors and pauses during reading.

- Slow speed in reading.

- It is difficult to understand what they read and misread the sentences.

- Avoid or prefer not to read in front of the class.

- Makes a lot of spelling mistakes.

- He does not like to write and often gets tired.

- Your writing and handwriting is slow or irregular.

- The writing is very disorganized.

- There is a lot of difference between their oral and written expression.

- It was difficult to learn the numbering.

- It was difficult to learn the multiplication tables.

- Mental math is slow and buggy.

- It is difficult to do operations (addition, subtraction, division, etc.)

- Make a lot of mistakes in math problems.

If you have any doubts, it will be advisable to go to a specialist who will advise and advise you on the best option for training difficulties and / or an assessment study for a possible specific disorder, if applicable.

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