How to prevent child abductions

How to prevent child abductions

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One of the great fears of parents is that some stranger may take and kidnap their children. There are no words to define or explain fear and terror just thinking about it. However, this fear or stress should not be passed on to children. What should be done is to be attentive, and take the preventive measures necessary to prevent child abduction. How to educate children so that they do not talk or go with people they do not know?

The little ones must also be aware of the danger, so we must talk with them, instill in them a certain prudence without being alarmists and without frightening them. But there are some rules that must be made clear between parents and children to avoid an episode such as child abduction or child abuse.

1. It is essential to teach the little ones to distrust strangers. The child better go through a impolite for not answering a stranger when he is alone than having a dislike. Teach your children not to speak or accept anything from people they don't know.

2. Poses certain rulesExplain why he cannot talk to strangers, or accept sweets, much less get into a car. In the event that someone strange approaches him, that the child always goes to his father or mother, to say so. Do not do anything without your permission.

3. You would never send anyone the child does not know to give him a message or to look for him. Make this aspect clear to your son or daughter because many kidnappers They use the trick of saying that their mother has sent for them.

4. Make sure your children don't carry their visible name in any garment or backpack to prevent the abductor from calling you by name, thus creating a climate of trust.

5. If you take your children to the park, delimit the playground and don't lose sight of them. If they leave the marked limit, let them warn you and accompany them. It can help you when it comes to monitoring him by dressing him in brightly colored clothes. It will help you locate them quickly.

6. Children should know what to do in the event of a possible kidnapping. Teach them that if a stranger approaches them and tries to take them away they must shout to alert others.

7. In crowded places, such as downtown streets, shows or fairs, do not let your children go hand. It can be very limiting, but crowds are the perfect place for kidnappers.

8. Never forget that all these kidnapping prevention measures should be reasoned with your children, no matter how small they are. They must know the motives for which to follow the recommendations. If not, these security measures may not be taken seriously.

9. Children must be protected, even if that sometimes means some restriction of their childhood games. And in any case, it is the parents who must learn to look out to the little ones without feeling suffocated.

10. If you live in a conflict zone with high risk of child abductionYou can compensate for the excessive preventive measures with a weekend in the field so that your children can play more freely.

It is good to be alert when we go with small children to crowded places such as fairs, parks, shopping centers, etc. In such tumultuous places it is very easy for children to get lost. Of course, it is not necessary to transmit this feeling of fear and anguish just to think that this could happen. It is best to follow some guidelines, which gives us the psychologist Silvia Álava, so that we explain to children, considering all ages, what they should do in case they lose their parents.

1. Always look for, access and talk to people you see in uniform (policemen, security guards, beach guards, shop assistants or park managers ...). They will be in charge of looking for mom and dad.

2. As soon as they can memorize digits, it is important that they know Mom's or Dad's phone number, as well as their first and last names. (It is important that children know their last name, as it will always be easier to locate the father if he is lost).

3. When you get lost, that is, you do not see Mom and Dad, it is best to stay still in one place, without moving, until they find you. It will be easier for parents to find the child than to find their parents.

4. If the beach or the park where we are offers the possibility of putting identification bracelets with the parents' mobile on the children, let's make use of them. Although the objective is not to have to use them, it will help us to be calmer.

5. Maintain calm, remember that the child learns by modeling, and has to see that it is important to stay close to the parents, but it is not necessary that we convey our anguish.

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