10 curiosities you did not know about left-handed children

10 curiosities you did not know about left-handed children

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Left-handed children represent 12% of the world's child population and, although throughout history they have been persecuted and even branded as witches, today left-handedness is considered something totally normal, and rare are the cases of parents who try to reorient the child to write with the right hand.

Researchers do not agree on the reason for the left-hander, some believe that it is due to an imbalance between cooperation and competition in the evolution of the human being, a high level of testosterone or genetics. Be that as it may, there are certain curiosities that left-handed children gather.

1. The percentage of left-handed people has remained practically unchanged since Prehistory.

2. Left-handed children have advantages in certain sports like soccer or tennis versus right-handed players. In addition, studies reveal that they tend to be more athletic and have better spatial vision, which is why left-handers are abundant in elite sports.

3. A Peabody College study found that left-handed children tend to be more precocious in math and have early language development.

4. The left-handed is more common in children (11%) than in girls (9%) without determining the causes.

5. Studies reveal that left-handers handle their emotions worse, the areas of the cerebral cortex that process negative emotions such as anger or hostility, are more active.

6. There is a high incidence of left-handedness in twin children, in which one of the two is, but it is very rare to find cases in which both are left-handed.

7. Most left-handed children tend to draw right-facing dolls, figures, or people.

8. In most countries the percentage of left-handed people is 10%, except in Japan, where only 2%.

9. The right hemisphere of the brain is the one that commands the left part and works on creativity, ideas or imagination, for this reason it tends to say that left-handed people are children with great artistic temperament.

10. The researchers found that the connections between the left side of the brain and the right are made faster in left-handed people, this indicates that they are more mentally agile and think faster.

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