What children learn by age

What children learn by age

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From the moment they are born, babies learn something new every moment. His greatest stage of learning, without a doubt, is the first year. Everything is absolutely new to them. They have to experiment with each of their senses and their brain develops very quickly.

From the year on, an exciting adventure begins, not without obstacles, discoveries, skills and social skills that will help you grow and mature. From the first time you take your first steps to your first friend, the first disappointment ... they will have to go a long way.

With one year, they take their first steps. Before them opens a new world to explore. With two years, their motor skills improve, and that allows them to interact much more with their environment. At three years old, they understand that they can do many things on their own ... Each year is a challenge for them, it is like an open book where they will record their achievements. Do you want to know which ones? makes it easy for you.

The first months. Discover the stages of physical, emotional and psychological development in the first years of your child's life. Learn new techniques to stimulate your baby. our site takes a tour of the evolutionary stages of your baby's development, month by month.

1 year. During the first year, the baby discovers a whole world of sensations. It is the year of discovery. The greatest development occurs at the sensory level. The baby is attentive and alert to learn. Take advantage of this moment to stimulate him and you will achieve fantastic results.

Two years. Two-year-olds are becoming more independent and curious. They become explorers of their environment. At the age of two, children begin a stage of discovery. We explain everything that babies can learn at two years of age.

Three years. How the baby evolves at three years of age. Physical and emotional development of the child at 3 years of age. Characteristics of babies at 18 months of age.

Four years. What do children learn at four years of age? 4-year-olds show more autonomy and learn very quickly. They improve their gross motor skills and begin to understand feelings and manage emotions.

Five years. What skills does the child develop at the age of five. What children learn at this age and what characterizes them. 12 things children learn when they are 5 years old.

Six years. As children grow, we can notice that they go, step by step, developing new skills and abilities. What can children learn at 6 years of age. What children learn at this age and how to encourage them to advance in their learning.

Seven years. Skills and learning of children at seven years. What do 7-year-olds learn and how are they? Physical and emotional changes in children at 7 years of age.

Eight years. Social skills that children learn with 8 years. How children change with 8 years. Common characteristics among 8-year-olds.

Nine years. What skills do boys and girls learn at the age of 9. What Nine-Year-Olds Are Like: Tips for Parents with New-Year-Old Boys or Girls.

Ten years. Skills and abilities that children learn with 10 years. What knowledge do boys and girls learn at the age of 10. Social and emotional learning in preadolescence.

11 years. We tell you what your child learns at the age of 11, an age in which in many cases, a pre-adolescent is already lived. Here are some tips for understanding and educating 11-year-olds.

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