How to avoid accidents with children at home

How to avoid accidents with children at home

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Domestic accidents can happen to anyone or anywhere, but it is children who suffer the most from accidents that occur indoors. Falls, poisonings, allergies, burns, suffocation, blows and injuries are the accidents that occur the most with children, according to some studies.

Children lack the experiences to avoid risk and danger. For this reason, it is very important that we adopt daily habits to avoid these types of accidents. Here are some tips to avoid accidents with children, at home:

- Keep the ground clear of obstacles

- Avoid slippery, wet or greasy surfaces.

- Use non-slip rugs or stickers in the bathtub or in the shower.

- Ensure that the stairs have railings

- Protect windows with bars or bars

- Do not put furniture next to the window (chairs, tables, cabinets, stairs, boxes, etc.)

- Do not allow children to climb on furniture (tables, chairs, etc.)

- Keep medicines and all cleaning materials out of the reach of children

- Avoid using stoves or braziers in bedrooms

- Close the gas tap well when you are not using it.

- Store cleaning material in closed cupboards.

- Prevent children from having access to plants (they can taste soil and eat leaves)

- Cover pots and pans while cooking

- Keep the handles of the pots and pans always inwards

- Keep children away from the kitchen and the ironing area

- Prevent children from playing with matches or lighters

- Teach children to use hot and cold water.

- Use rotary plugs or deep interlocking system

- Do not handle wet electrical appliances.

- Keep objects such as knives, needles, scissors, etc., away from children

- Pick up and throw away the broken plates or glasses

- Place the sharp plants out of the reach of children

- Provide locking systems for doors, balconies, windows, cabinets, etc.

- Put rounded protections (silicone) on the corners of tables, chairs, etc.

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