The importance of manual work for children

The importance of manual work for children

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I remember my mother how she always told me when I was little that we had to get used to making small arrangements in the house, not only for the mere fact of saving the cost, but for the pleasure of doing it and experiencing the satisfaction of feeling fulfilled with things well done.

So, remember, to "boat soon", I have cleaned shoes, fixed toys, glued shelves, changed light bulbs, moved furniture, painted walls and ceilings, swept leaves from the garden, planted and cared for plants, and a long etc ... AND that without knowing the great benefit it meant for me. I will talk to you about the importance of manual work for children at home. Surprising!

Not only did my mother insist on this type of arrangement, but she also put a lot of emphasis on my siblings and me doing small crafts: painting, drawing, clay, and different artistic expressions.

Now I can say that when I finished whatever the activity was, I experienced the same sensation: satisfaction for finishing it well, and a special taste for doing the work with my own hands.

Throughout my life I have observed the tendency of the human being to carry out these types of activities, even when they reach an older age, mainly in occupational workshops for the elderly they always have a great variety of offer in this regard.

It is known and proven that doing manual work has multiple benefits at any age. They are a leisure option in free time, an interesting way to occupy time, and above all, it helps a lot if you include it in the weekly routines of the smallest of the house.

There are always cases in which those dead times in the afternoon are filled with television, consoles, mobile phones or other perhaps little recommended activities and being able to give them this option will help them a lot not to be dependent on the screens, and if we can guide them children to do these activities for a useful purpose, it will make even more sense.

The fact of making crafts has countless benefits at different levels, here I indicate one for you to take into account:

1. On a physical level: reinforces and improves psychomotricity, joint and manual mobility and coordination.

2. At a cognitive level: it develops learning, creativity and is a good tool to promote cognitive stimulation.

3. On an emotional level: they reinforce self-esteem and increase motivation. The fact of recognizing yourself capable of doing manual work and doing it well, produces a pleasant feeling of well-being.

If we help children to make crafts, they will give them very interesting skills that will favor their integral development as people. Among them I highlight:

- Patience and perseverance.

- Increased self-esteem.

- Improves concentration.

- Stimulation of creativity

- It involves a personal challenge or challenge.

- They are transformed into cognitive stimulation tools.

- Improved attention.

- Improve instrumental areas such as language and mathematics.

In short: working with different materials of daily use, transforming them and seeing the final result means for the child orn great feeling of self-satisfaction and improvement of self-esteem.

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